Xenith V2 Hall sensor problem

Hi, I have a problem with the hall in my new Xenithy v2. After connecting the motors and hall, one side does not pass the test, I thought it was a problem with the hall sensor, so I changed the plugs and nothing helped. After swapping motors and connections left to right , the same problem occurs exactly on the same motor section, the motor 2 is passed but motor 1 is not . @BuildKitBoards


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you gotta be kidding me, this is the second Xenith having issues today?

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right sorry for that.
So you saying it’s the vesc and not the motor?


I do not know that, it is certain that it does not work with two engines on the same connection / sensor

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Do you have any extension cables between the motor sensor and the esc?

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Yes, I have cables soldered. The cables are not damaged and the connection is correct.

Is there any way for you to try without the extension? Or can you run a multimeter continuity check to make sure there are no invisible breakages in the wires?


I tested earlier and now again all the pins on the hall, on both engines and the multimeter shows “normal parameters”. Without these connections, it will not work: /

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If I understood correctly (@kamloxx please correct me if I’m wrong), he first connected motor A to slot 1 on the Xenith and motor B to slot 2. The hall detection didn’t work for the slot 1. He then swapped the motors and the detection still didn’t work for the slot 1. That’s probably not a problem in the motor then.


I had this problem as well. I just gave up and went back to vesc tool. zero problems so far.

Exactly @janpom, all day long I try to exclude every possibility, but it turns out that the “sensor 1” socket works fine, but the “sensor 2” socket does not.

The solution could and would have been good, if not that Vesc tool teze does not recognize hall sensors. Tested about 2 hours ago

I had to update mine for vesc tool to function properly. this is the message i got before I updated.

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yeah. before firmware was 23.46 now its 5.2 and working flawlessly.

For me, the configurations passed, but immediately without sensors, after a manual test, the results were lost, but only informed about “Bad Foc hall detection”.

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Yeah agreed, I was trying to hone in on the extension he made, not the motors themselves.

I had a suspected bad esc hall side that stayed on the same side when swapping motor cables and it ended up being my sensor cable on the extension I made unplugging a pin inside the cable sleeve :expressionless:

Discovered by testing continuity on the extension when all beeped except one.


@kamloxx did you try running detection without the sensor wires?

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Yes, but it works sometimes, most of the time you hear shooting and gaging , well, it’s hard for him to move.

Even if it is a pity to have a new weekly driver and such problems beyond the involvement of the engines.

You could try detecting with the good slot only (one by one) and then manually copy over the detected values to the bad slot.


the same, engine spinning and scratching sometimes. It works, but I’d rather it didn’t stop suddenly @janpom

I see. I’m sorry. You could try sensorless mode or HFI. HFI and only use the sensors for temperature could be good.

@BuildKitBoards, any thoughts?