Xenith V2 Hall sensor problem

Every ESC passes sensor detection twice before being shipped, so this is hard to say.

Not that it would affect anything, but are you spinning the motors to read the flux linkage? IIRC the boxes turn red when you don’t do that.

Have you tried with only one motor on both sides? Do you have the belts on??

No, I didn’t do it and didn’t check it, I honestly know more or less what you’re talking about.

I tested 2 motors, always on one and the same side, “sensored 2” problem in the application referred to as “motor 1”. The “sensor 1” input works properly on both engines. I tested with wheels and belts, without, with different kbali settings from the hall. Additionally with UI and vesc tool.

It is also strange to jump on this side of the engine, between the value -0.0% - + 0.0% in the UI application, and in the Vesc tool in the duty -0.5% - +0.5%, -0.5A - + 0.5A :face_with_monocle:


My mistake, now I understood what was going on, so I turned the wheels to read the flux linkage. I just put a photo of the hall settings themselves and the error they throw out