xcell tires super imbalance?

Put some xcell tires on hubba hubs and they are really imbalanced. Probably the worst I’ve tested. Not sure if I need to do anything special, but hoping I won’t need weights.

How would you balance without weights?

Rotate the heavy spot of the tires so it’s opposite to the heavy part of the tube


I rarely needed to balance the previous tires I’ve tested with weights. The last set that needed them were 7" Evolves.

I kinda thought xcells would be balanced.

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Thanks Arctic. Working on this now, but it seems to always just drop to where the valve stem is.

Did it come with those balancing instructions?

You want to remove the tube. With just tires, bearings and wheels. Put it on the axle then give a slight spin and see where it stops, mark the tire. Put the tube back in without removing the tire from the hub and make sure the valve stem is opposite the heaviest side.


Yup! I’m using super lube as well to make sure it sits on the hub correct too

This is pretty much all I had to do. Spin it up with the motors and see how it does. If it’s shaking like crazy then yeah that’s not good.

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They shake like crazy :grimacing:

Send a video? All 4 hubs too?

Pump them up to 60psi and then down air them to 40. Post a video of them spinning slowly and quickly.

Is the ID of the tires and OD of hub pretty close in size?
If not, tuning the hub with a 3dp sleeve will help. Otherwise, if tire is just a bit larger, a wrap with gorilla duct tape can fill it out. I’ve done this with good success on tires that i thought were junk.

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All 4, which is why I came here to ask since it felt like I was doing something wrong.

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They are supposed to be a good a fit, but I’m trying to test myself

Post a video here. You might have unrealistic expectations. It’s extremely unlikely that you received 4 awfully balanced tires. Hubba hubs are also perfect for rs tires, so that isn’t an issue.

Just waiting for my phone to charge a bit before I can take a video.

Maybe I did have too high expectations. Really surprised at how bad they seem to be balanced compared to skps, bkbs, exway ss, meepo, and a few others.

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Have you tried inflating it?


No, haven’t tried that yet.

Edit: just tried. No difference.

This is with tube hubs and screws?

I’ll have to try and hand spin my tires at some point and see what they look like. I’d say do best you can and try riding to see how it feels. Or spin them up using the motors to see how bad they wobble at speed.

At least you shouldn’t experience vibrations due to loose tire bead.