[WTT/WTS] [EU/DE] Revel DD for Boundmotor/eLofty/esk8supply DD

Hi all, I want to preferably trade the Revel Drives I bought from @xsynatic for a Boundmotor/elofty kit (58kv) in similar condition (almost new, xsynatic just took it for a ride, see his thread)

I only used those on the bench. I want to get rid of them since I already have two working esk8s so they make no sense for me any more, the bound motor / elofty drive would be good for spare parts for my Blutstern 4wd build or for my final build with my custom bracket Mov-E Luke gave me (eventually also 4wd).

I paid 290€ but am willing to let it go for 250€ if you want to buy it.

xsynatics Salethread: