[WTS] [EU] Revel Direct drive Assembly - Kegel

Selling this here Revel kit / “Revel Kit Rear Truck and Motor Assembly”

Latest Generation Motors, MR60 were installed (Overkill but all my vescs use it, so it was the easiest).
Sensors got extended and have the correct Plug for Vescs (Didn’t have it before)

Total mileage is 37km, Motors got 2 small nicks and the usual bit of wear you have from tightening nuts and changing bushings etc.

The both motors have some tool rubbing marks on the Can where the nut is holding the Motors, these are from the factory assembly and Revel has been notified about that. These obviously do not impact the functionality, pics can be taken if needed.

Price for the whole unit is 290€ including the Kegel adapters + Shipping and Paypal fees if applicable.

This saves you 60$ on international shipping PLUS between 18% to 27% of VAT depending on where you live if you were to import them from the US. (50€ - 80€)


this is best deal in EU rn

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Why are you selling them?

How are these
Power wise?

We need to talk

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I would guess very much in the neighbourhood of the other direct drives you already owned :smiley:


Haven’t owned any Chinese ones yet
Only carvons and tried tb ones also tried the exway ones and they weren’t awful

wait what? when did exway had direct drive :joy: well i mean technically hub motor are direct drive


I think it was exway
It was on his exway board so I assume so

Also I haven’t owned any Chinese only tried the exway once so didn’t get an amazing gauge

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i don’t think exway had any direct drive out in the wild yet, so its probably a modded exway board

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How these compare to carvon torquedrives?
@Halbj613 did you also own a pair of those before or did you only have the other carvons (forgot the name but without the urethane sleeve)

Would like to know how they compare to the other ones you owned

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Nope only speed drives

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Ah ok maybe

how did these perform with the VESC? currently have a set I’m gonna use, just waiting for the battery

What’s the kv on these ?