[WTT][US][NY] 2 MBS Matrix 2 bushings orange for yellow

Will you trade me half a set (one trucks worth) of orange for half a set of yellow?

Which one is which? You wanna give me orange or you gonna gimme yeller? What’s the order, yeller is soft orange med and red is hard right?

You got the order right.
I have orange from a brand new comb 95.
They are too hard so I want to swap the front ones out.

Aha, can’t help you out there champ but I appreciate the clarification!

You could always go the ghetto route and drill holes in the orange to make them softer…


You could go the super ghetto route and just start eating more.


You can always order from Frederic :hugs:

Anywhere in NA that has them?

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seems like mbs is out :man_shrugging:

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Ya @MBS any word on the yellow bushings
:call_me_hand: For headquarters

From my emails with them it seems that they are OOS with no arrival date for the yellows.

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I’m just going to print an adapter and run riptide hypertruck bushings.

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Unfortunately they won’t be in the US until Feb/Mar (depends on transit times).


@MBS do you know what the approximate durometer of the orange and yellow shockblocks are?

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Red is 90a
Orange is 80a
Yellow is either 70a or 60a from what I know.

May not be right tho

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The durometers have changed when we introduced the reds, so there are some in the market that don’t match this… but the current spec is:
Yellow - 78A
Orange - 85A
Red - 90A
Batches can vary a little due to material tolerances.


Damn I was wayyy off lol