WTT US new SRPK HAMMOCKS for New Caliper Hammocks

Long shot but I sold my rpk hangers and bought spiral bevel drives for the caliper truck.
Now I have the wrong hammock!


I have 1 BN adjustable to get rid of. Hit me up if you don’t find anything else

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@Ace Are you looking for Hammock adaptor for Caliber 2 trucks?


Is there an adapter to switch it? @rey8801

Yea the spiral bevel gears I got only work for caliber style trucks.

Yes, there is the Hammock baseplate and the various adapters (the part with the king pin that attaches to the baseplate) for different trucks (SR TKP, SR RKP, and Caliber 2)

I have a brand new set of raw Caliber adapters.

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Awesome are you going to be using them for anything?

No. PM me. Below are photos of my Caliber adapters.


@longhairedboy please close

Not LHB, hope that’s ok. :wink: