Wts/wtb/wtt looking for complete build selling all parts

Got tons of parts to sell as I am looking for a complete build I will constantly add new parts and update the link as I have a lot more to sell .thank you

I am going out the building process for the moment while I plan I build which I hopefully will start next year. Looking to buy a complete for the moment


Looking to buy a complete build in London uk

If you have an offer please send it looking for dual build with decent range

Thank you

Please pm for more info and pictures

All parts shipped from uk

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First you gotta say what “decent range” means to you.

20 miles or so

Can’t believe you are doing this… welp glws


how mcuh for shipping to MN, US?

Depends for what

To think that this build was a set of belts away from being done


yeah man why are you sellinnggg???

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Just because I don’t have the funds or experience to complete it

Also my parents are fed up with me breaking stuff and spending all day on it

Also I just would prefer buying someone else’s build which is guaranteed to work fine

I will plan and work out a build which hopefully I will start next year

Unless I can get someone in uk who is willing to finish putting it together for me

I think it’s time to sell

@Halbj613 it looks like its already finished to me man. You just need the patience to tweak some little things.

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Well accordingly to the vesc app and the condition of the enclosure it isn’t not

Only thing I am really missing is deck and enclosure (the parts I should have started with)

And I am down to £100 let of my budget

I will see about selling based on the offers I get for this stuff

If I can get rid of it all I would prefer starting again

?? I don’t understand, aren’t they both there?

Also are we looking at two legitimate Vesc 6’s?? That’s hefty lol I don’t get it, why would you want to take this apart and part it out when you are literally so close. You have an amazing board here, why not wait and save and then get it working a little later instead of making 16 threads flipping between selling and buying


I’ve been ghosting your threads for a while and you can’t give up at this point!

No board is ever guaranteed to work. No boards are super hero’s.

From what I can see, all you have to do is spend a weekend and be efficient. Give it some love. There must have been a reason why you decided to go the DIY route in the beginning.

Now listen, all this board needs is a bit of love and some new belts. Disassembling the whole board, cleaning everything and rebuilding everything might help.


You can easily get this board running for 100 GBP. Go out and find some damn silicone wire or a string and measure those belts.

Get a new can bus cable (that was fucked, right?) and battery display.

Buy a soldering iron for like 25 usd? Won’t be that good for big wires but will get the job done.

Its now or never. Its your choice but I would hate to see you let go of this. Mostly yourself. YOU made it YOURSELF and it’s your little baby.

You said you didn’t have enough experience to finish it. Nobody had that when building their first board. That’s the time you are getting experience. If you stumble into issues, go on the forum and read. Read on the toilet. Read on the bus. NEVER STOP READING.

It’s your choice. Gl.


Wow. You’re giving up when you’re almost done with it? Seriously?!


For real, also I am pretty certain those are boardnamics mounts and I am sure there are belt lengths somewhere for them. Belts aren’t that expensive and you could sell the ones that are too big

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I have seen all your threads. Just take your time to learn more and complete this. I don’t understand why you keep flip flopping all over. Just take a breath and spend some time looking instead of asking how to do everything. Come into this with some knowledge and everyone will gladly help you fill in the blanks. We all went through it. That’s the journey of DIY.


I just believe my battery choice was a mistake

And I need to find a deck now to fit that battery and an enclosure with that

If anyone has one to sell then please say