WTS Vanguard 12s4p build. USA, SoCal

Hey there everyone…. I Have a DIY Vanguard 42’ 12s4p skateboard I’m looking to sell. Everything on here works like a charm. I’m selling for $1200…

Vanguard 42’ bamboo deck
Boardnamics 184mm adjustable trucks with kraken bushings.
Boardnomics kegel pulleys 44T
Kegel wheels
12s4p battery build by Allen himself from eboosted Peru.
Enclosure is also a eboosted Peru 12s4p vanguard enclosure.
Focbox esc
Maytech trigger remote
Two 6384 180kv Mboard motors ( I know I bought from mboards but learned my mistakes)

Trying to sell everything as a complete board. I would ask that you pay the shipping to wherever it will be shipped. Will make a custom box and
have it securely transported. Or local pickup would be better.

Complete board
$1200 + shipping

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Those trucks look very wide. Are they really 184s and not the 220s?

Also - those motors are not 6384’s

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