WTS - USA: Saturn's Superb Sales

I have a small collection of parts I don’t see myself using in the near future so have at. And I want a Grom. Prices reduced!

$280 shipped. Complete rolling chain drivetrain & front truck with MBS Matrix 2, Overion mounts, 06b chain, Turnigy 149kv 6374’s, and blue Tramp Superstar rims. Comes with extra chain master clips and truck shock blocks, as well as extra 10 tooth motor sprockets. The matrix should get new pivot axle bushings, they get a bit sloppy. They’re used matrix 2’s ya know? The m8 holes are stripped but the mounts have held firm with set screws for the past couple grand miles. Motors are a bit sad but work fine. Just keep the chain tension right.

$23 shipped. Surf-Rodz TKP Baseplates with RipTide pivot cups

$20 shipped. Surf-Rodz TKP hex 159mm hangers, come with random length shoulder bolts.

$130 shipped. 18650 N.E.S.E Modules 6, 2s4p modules (12s4p) with bus bars and hardware.

$175 shipped. Amazon Focbox Unity (no power button, shorted switch. Use loop key or push to start, or find latching switch to use)

$20 shipped. 2x kegal bolt-through pulleys, an amount of teeth

$15 shipped. 1x bolt-through ABEC pulley


How many teeth on the Venom pulleys?


I counted 36. Wheres my prize?


They’re 33T aaaaaactually…


Are these the 4.12 ones?


I believe so, yes.

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Dammit. Math was never my strong suit.

Bump. Just the mounts sold so far!

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Bump. Prices lowered slightly and EMTB added.

That’s not your main board is it??

No, I currently have two boards. This and the 4wd flux.

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Anybody claim those maytech escs yet?

Bump. Maytech ESC’s sold. Shipping them out later today.


I am also not overly opposed to parting out the mountainboard. I will update the post with parts and prices momentarily.

Buy my parts or I’ll have to lower the prices a smidge! If you have questions or want more detailed photos simply ask.


How much for the Puck? Not the Bruce one

I only have the puck pick Bruce, sorry for the confusion. And I got a guy in PM’s about it already.

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I’ll take the SR trucks

The single pink RKP or the two tkp’s missing bushing seats?


The RKP.