[WTS- USA (IN)]- Selling all of my skate parts

I will cram whatever you order into the cheapest flatrate box and ship it to you that way. Shipping cost is whatever that box costs. Domestic orders are priority.

I keep this post updated so unless it’s marked sold, it’s still available (no matter how old the post is).

Note: there is some surface rust on most all of the bolts in this listing. This is because I replaced all of the stainless steel hardware that came with these parts with grade 12.9 steel bolts to avoid stripping threads or rounding heads. The rust is not representative of harsh conditions, rather the lack of stainless steel hardware in a moist storage climate.

$50: Torqueboards 15mm wide 36t kegel pulleys. One used, one new.

$80: v6 Torqueboards dual motor mount kit. The crossbars you might see in the corner of the photo have already been sold & are not included. One mount has been used, The other one is brand new.

SOLD & SHIPPED $10 This used mini torqueboards remote w/ reciever

SOLD & SHIPPED $220: Surfrodz RKP 200mm 45deg baseplates. Comes with 90mm and 80mm shoulder bolts. Also comes with Boardnamics axles that let you use these like traditional trucks with 8mm axles and no shoulder bolts. Also includes pressfit mounts and carbon fiber motor mounts from moon + crossbars to brace the motor mounts. All of this is super high quality and is brand new minus a test assembly.


BOTH SOLD & SHIPPED $20/ $15 pair: (16T (top)(torqueboards, new) )(15T(bottom)(3dservisas, used)) 15mm wide pulleys. Lip on one of the 15T pulleys is chewed up, still functional.

SOLD & SHIPPED $200: Silver Bergmeister wheels with 60T moon alimunum pulleys, 4 spare tubes + 2 spare tires. Used a couple of times

SOLD & SHIPPED $80: Torqueboards 110mm 74a wheels, brand new

SOLD & SHIPPED $120 pair: Flipsky 190kv 6374 motors 8mm shaft, used

SOLD & SHIPPED $140 pair Maytech 6354 waterproof 170kv 8mm shaft. One used a couple of times, other is new.

SOLD & SHIPPED $40: 10s enertion charger. Used.

SOLD & SHIPPED $40: Torqueboards brand 12s charger.

SOLD & SHIPPED $20 Used Flipsky vx1 remote w/ receiver

SOLD & SHIPPED $45 fingerless small flatland 3d slide gloves, used a few times.

SOLD & SHIPPED $15 4.12 Torqueboards vesc. Solid condidion besides my awful soldering and (???) wire length.

GONE Free with highest $ order: belts from 405-445

GONE and assorted wiring parts

GONE Free with any order to whoever asks first: Focbox unity, dead. There was a cold solder joint from my Hellen Keller tier soldering which vibrated around under load and caused a spark. Can probably be fixed, but as a disclaimer this should be used by noone.


Dibs. I’ll take that free broken unity too. SMS sent!

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This is the charger that TorqueBoards were selling a while back.

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@b264 ?


@Tyler93245 why you selling all your esk8 stuff? You leaving us?

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@donta42 @Skyart bergs here



If US users will take them its okey, but I wonder about how much is shipping for the bergs to Spain 41960

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Are the flipsky the battle hardened? Maybe a combo deal on those and TB110’s??

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I’ll check and PM you.

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They’re not. PM me an offer.

Anyone want to split the bergs and pulley’s? I need some pulley’s that will work with my trucks and the stock berg pullies wont.

Also want that VX1 and mini remote.


I would give you the pulleys no problem, if shipping of the bergs it’s within reason.

27mins old thread, and i didn’t notice it simply because everyone notice the bergs but not the wrong category :eyes: @xsynatic

and now i can’t get those bergs…are they still available?


I’ll take both remotes. Sent ya a msg.

You bitch.

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Tyler it’s checking the price of shipping to Spain for me, if it is within reason I will buy them. And split the pulleys with @A13XR3


I can never have enough remotes…

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fine, i will get in line after u :cry:

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messaged for the TB110’s but will probably pass on the motors.