WTS [USA] Complete: DIY thane longboard - Free Shipping in the CONUS

Subject: [USA] Complete DIY longboard

This is my most stable board. Precision CNC RKP trucks with split angle baseplates prevent almost all speed wobbles. Axles sit at the exact same height and spacers used to keep the wheel widths identical (front to back). Top speed is around 35mph.

Battery only charged up to 4.2v/cell once for a range test. Max range on a single charge (didn’t let it get below 3.3v/cell) was 20 miles. This was with a 160lb rider (+ gear) and mixed terrain. Otherwise only charged up to 4.0v/cell for regular use. Battery rarely needs balancing (see screenshot below).

The only reason I am selling it is because it hasn’t gotten ridden ever since I built the Flux. Probably have less than 100 miles on the SR trucks. Trying to raise $ to support a home based esk8 related business.

Here is a list of components:
$50 SkateShred 41" x 9.75" Drop Down Deck (8 ply Canadian Maple with W shaped concave)
$20 Akhlut X Brackets
$60 Psychotiller Shuksan Arm enclosure
$82 Surf Rodz 200mm RKP Truck w/ 50’ base plate (front)
$82 Surf Rodz 150mm RKP Truck w/ 35’ base plate (rear)
$75 Akhlut Surf Rodz Axles w/ integrated mounting plate and index ring
$90 Janux Motor Mounts with crossbars
$160 TorqueBoard VESCs with sensorless BLDC (split PPM)
$180 TorqueBoard 6355 190KV Motors
$45 Dickyho 44T Wheel Pulley w/ integrated bearing, fully supported on axle
$30 15t Motor Pulley
$110 110mm Torqueboard 74A Wheels (no chunking)
$300 10s4p Samsung 30Q cells w/ PCB for cell level fusion
$40 LLT Smart BMS w/ Bluetooth module for individual cell voltage monitoring
(BT can be turned on/off via external switch to reduce battery draw)

Price (USD): Will keep the board listed for sale until the end of the year. If it doesn’t sell, I am open to parting it out. $1,100 shipped (OBO) anywhere in the CONUS. PayPal only. Seller is responsible for any PP fees.



@xsynatic Please close this thread. This board is sold.