[WTS US] Zach's Fall Yard Sale (Item Set 5)

Spring cleaning is here boys, get it while it’s cold!

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  • Pics and details available upon request, I’m not trying to hide anything
  • Everything comes as shown unless otherwise specified
  • Prices may be negotiable if you are being nice
  • More items may be added or updated, the title will reflect that
  • Free items must be made with another purchase


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$37 - lightly used - Enertion Raptor 2.1 deck

$37 - lightly used - Enertion Raptor 2.1 deck with handles. 97cm length, 67.5cm wheel base, 24.5cm width.

$32 - mixed - electronics

$32 - mixed - bunch of electrical toys

  • $16 - new - 60V to 5V 20A power step down module
  • FREE - new - some cheap 10s 30A BMS with temp sensor.
  • FREE - new - some slightly better 10s BMS with temp sensor. Including balance leads.
  • $6 - lightly used - Enertion motor interface.
  • [SOLD] $16 - used - high power 60V bar light. Multiple focal lengths. Mount is damaged.
  • [SOLD] $14 - used - 2x small 12V lights. Button cycles modes.
  • [SOLD] $23 - new - BesTech HCX-D140 12s BMS. Includes balance leads.
  • [SOLD] $7 - new - 4x 5V red LED tail lights. Includes adhesive foam pads.
$26 - lightly used - Maple kite board deck

$26 - lightly used - Maple kite board deck. 89mm length, 68cm wheel base, 21.5cm width. Very stiff.

$17 - used - Gullwing Charger trucks

$17 - used - Gullwing Charger 50 degree trucks with 189mm trucks and barrel/barrel bushings. Including speed rings.

$15 - like new - MBS 6001-2RS bearings

$15 - like new - MBS 6001-2RS bearings for 28mm hubs and 12mm axles

FREE - used - Blitzart metal enclosure

FREE - used - Blitzart 10s1p 18650 metal enclosure

FREE - used - dead/dying TorqueBoards V4.12 ESCs

FREE - used - V4.12 TBESCs

  • FREE (free with purchase) - used - 3x dead TorqueBoards HW 4.12 VESC derivative ESCs (1x fails detection, 1x with shorted A and B phase leads, 1x non-responsive)
  • [SOLD] $52 - used - working TorqueBoards HW 4.12 VESC derivative ESC running Ackmaniack FW 3.103 with XT90 and 5.5mm bullets
FREE - used and abused - V1 Meepo ESC enclosure

FREE - used and abused - V1 Meepo ESC enclosure with button and indicator. Heatsink not included, 2 bolt holes cracked, 2 small holes drilled

UNLISTED - used - ABEC 11 Flywheels

$39 - used - ABEC 11 76mm dia. 75a duro. Flywheels with unknown bearings.

UNLISTED - like new - MBS 8" tubes and tires

$87 - like new - MBS 8" tubes and tires.

  • $50 - like new - MBS 8" T1 tires. 5 miles of use, mold lines still visible.
  • $37 - like new - MBS 8" tubes.
UNLISTED - new - BigBen fiberglass enclosure

$73 - new - BigBen fiberglass enclosure for the Landyachtz Nine Two Five in light gray. Will hold a 10s3p 21700 pack and dual ESCs perfectly. Just barely holds a 12s3p P42A with bypass BMS and Unity.

[SOLD] $223 - used - MBS Matrix II trucks with yellow shock blocks and Idea short motor mounts with cage crossbars. 226mm inner mount faces, compatible with 20mm belts. New axle nuts. Includes 4th crossbar.

[SOLD] $142 - lightly used - 2x FlipSky 6384 190kv motors with 5.5mm bullets, fine pitch sensor leads, 10mm D-bore, shaft, 2x 12T 20mm pulleys, 2x 15T 15mm pulleys, 2x 16T 15mm keyed pulleys. Including sensor adapters.

[SOLD] $137 - used - 2x MayTech 6374 190kv sealed motors with 5.5mm bullets, waterproof sensor leads, 8mm D-bore shaft, 2x 15T 15mm D-bore pulleys. Including sensor adapters.

[SOLD] $27 - used - LunaCycle 120A antispark with button, 10awg wires, and XT90 connectors. Confirmed working with power supply.

[SOLD] $1 - lightly used and abused - Tomiboi V1 drop mount bamboo and fiberglass integrated deck. Lid is damaged from being stuck, otherwise no damage. Interior holds 10s3p 21700 and Unity (holes drilled for Unity wire spacing). 97.5cm length, 74.5cm wheel base, 24cm width.

[SOLD] $11 - well used - unmarked Paris like trucks with 179mm hangars, short come/short barrel busings, and speed washers

[SOLD] $13 - used - 69mm * 51mm longboard wheels with bearings. No chunks, chips, cuts, or flats. Includes bearings.

[SOLD] $239 - lightly used- Carbon fiber TSG Pass Pro with red accents. Size is large but runs slightly small. Comes with tinted visor. Has new cheek pads.

[SOLD] $9 - new - Meepo V3 ESC enclosure shell. Includes red or silver power button.

$152 - like new - Loaded Basalt Tesseract deck

[SOLD] $167 - like new - Loaded Basalt Tesseract deck. Pushed for a couple miles at most, otherwise new.

$17 - lightly used - Bamboo penny deck

[SOLD] $17 - lightly used - Bamboo penny deck. 57cm length, 28.5cm wheel base, 15cm width.

$69 - used and abused - TorqueBoards 218mm trucks

$69 - used and abused - TorqueBoards 218mm trucks and V6 motor mounts. Mounts are in the forward position and stuck fast, the mount hardware is all either permanent or stripped, front left axle has a slight camber. New speed washers, axle nuts, and kingpin nuts installed.

$17 - new - unmarked Caliber trucks

$17 - new - unmarked Caliber trucks with 183mm hangars, come/barrel bushings, and speed washers.

$14 - well used - Enertion trucks

$14 - well used - Enertion trucks with 182mm hangars, barrel/barrel bushings, and speed washers.

FREE - dead - Sunkko 709a

FREE - dead - Sunkko 709a with extended probes. Will only do one weld before shutting down, potentially fixable.

[details="[UNLISTED] - used - Sector 9 Nineballs"]
$34 - used - Sector 9 Nineballs Goddess Of Speed 76mm dia. 38mm cp 75a duro. with ABEC 5 bearings, no chunks/cuts/flats.

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Well it’s made so that’s a start…
Interested in the matrix2’s. Taking to pm

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Blanket makes a good photo backdrop, but it probably ain’t getting you laid, unfortunately. Spartan style, acknowledgement of moral ambiguity, and most importantly, passion without absolutism, is no longer acceptable in most company dude, get your shit together! :exploding_head: :persevere:

Interested in the flipshit motors. Will PM trying to beat you down a bit over shipping. :kissing_heart:


Interested in Matrix trucks if @Lionpuncher doesn’t take em.


Sorry man, bought and paid for.


You’re next in the queue if things go south :wink:

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Matrix II trucks with mounts and FlipSky 6384 motors are paid for! The list grows shorter, but I’ll add some longboard decks and TSG Pass later


Several new items added!

Interested in the deck.


I have 5, which one calls to you?

Intergrated, got a good idea for the v1

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what is the outside dimensions of the flanges on the enclosure?
and could you possibly measure the concave depth across the width?

I’m curious if this will work for a random esk8 in progress…


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Your name on it my guy…wanna come pick it up? It will save you $30 or so

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588mm * 192mm on the flange, concave runs 8mm but it’s a W

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Interested in this :sweat_smile

dear lord tempted but must resist

uuhhhhh Verrrryy tempted


You get a 1% compounding discount with every item you buy as long as it’s the same purchase :yum:

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W both ends or only one end…??? W on the front foot is weird… but so am I…

I only need 7mm constant so a nice foam gasket with 8mm depth seems to fit the bill…

do you think… there is any possibility in hell of wedging a 12s3p of 30Qs with a Unity or two boxes of FOCs in the enclosure well?

let me think about it for a bit…

I have some foam tape I can stick on it for you, I think its 1/8" thick and 1" wide so it’ll cover the whole flange or at least most of it. Gimme a minute to get the parts in there

Ends are symmetrical, at least as far as I can tell

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Here is my 12s3p 30Q battery in there…tons of space for a Unity



FUCK yeah I bet a 12s3p p42a would fit in there with some thought