[WTS] [US] Mini Remote Battery Cover Screw

Replacement Battery Cover Screw for Mini Remote
Description: Mini Remote Battery Cover Screw
Price (USD): $4.50 shipped to USA; inquire for international
Quantity Available: 8
Top screw in photo
Bottom screw is OEM

I feel like this is standard nerf gun/various other plastic toys screw size. M2.5?

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M2.5x8mm pan head machine screw, Phillips

But this exact screw takes a long time to arrive from overseas in quantities of more than one. If you need one, I can get you one right away.

Plus they’re here in a drawer doing nothing :crazy_face:

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Yup. Was going to denote as Fine but in thermoform/injection molded plastics fine & coarse in smaller diameters are essentially interchangeable with no functional issues.

Using coarse in fine could crack the bolster if you don’t screw it in gently the first time.

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I was hoping if anyone needed one and is searching, then here they are.

Stripped yours? Don’t want to deal with a stripped bolt while stopped on the side of the road? This is what you want.