[WTS][US] Massive price drops. Check edit history! Moving sale. Flipsky dual 4.20, 6354 motors, 12s2p battery, and more

Bunch of parts for sale, you may remember them from the old build thread I did last year here

Deck broke down and I’m graduating college soon so didn’t want to deal with moving/shipping the board to whenever I begin my full time job. The virus cancelled everything (the school gym is closed, apartment gym is closed, and graduation is cancelled), so hoping I can sell some of these parts to fund my new build after the summer.

Anyways, here are the parts listed for sale.
Shipping not included in prices.
x2 flipsky 6354 motors with sensors not working. $45 $15 each.
Dickyho AT kit with airless wheels, mounts, 60T wheel pulley, belts, and Paris baseplates with riptide pivot cups. May require some work since some of the grub screws are stripped, they can be easily drilled out though. $110 $55
Flipsky Vesc 4.20 dual mini post resistor revision, so no cutouts. $100 $90 SOLD
x2 flipsky antisparks, one fully working and one that requires soldering of the power button to the anti-spark because it was before flipsky started adding connectors in between those. $25/$20 respectively. SOLD
12s2p 30q battery built by Hyperion (rip) back in the day when they were actually around. The pack has seen a couple hundred miles, rarely charged to full/fully discharged though, tried to keep it between 15-90%. Comes with 2a charger. Charges to 49.1V. $180 $100
Other miscellaneous stuff just ask about.


Edited to add photos of fully charged battery.

RIP to this pimpmobile. Sad to see it go, looking forwards to what’s up next. I have a long list of IOUs to you so HMU if you ever need anything.

Chris got me into DIY and was a big help on my 1st board, can absolutely vouch for the seller. Solid dude. GLWS


Thanks Tyler haha, I got big plans for the future. If you’re around I’ll probably hit you up to check out the Bergs you got, I’m considering them for my next build.


Bump, voltmeter and $25 anti-spark sold

Bumpity bump

Is either of the antisparks smart?

No they are not smart

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Fucking dumb antispark🤯


Bumpity bump, $25 anti-spark, battery meter in esc enclosure case sold

I pmed you about most of the remaining parts


Both antisparks sold

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I pmd u @chrischo1996

Vesc and both antispark sold, other parts still remain!

Price steeply dropped, must sell by Tuesday!

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PMd :call_me_hand:t4:

Motors sold!

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