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(SOLD) $180.00 shipped (1)Killshot 40" with enclosure
$125.00 shipped (4)Boa wheels with (2)TB 218 Trucks
$ 70.00 shipped (2) TB 40t HTD5 15mm Kegel pulleys


Pretty interested in the deck and enclosure.
I have a 10s4p non-flexy battery I need a deck for.
Looks like you are open to doing lots right?

Not sure what you mean by lots.

Just the board and enclosure vs buying all of it

Yeah $180.00 shipped.

Is it definitely a stiff deck? Is it the jet killshot? I did a quick search for more info

You can relatively easily Stiffen a deck by laying fibreglass or carbon fiber


Alright I’ll take it. Its almost 1 am here can we finalize tomorrow?

Did you make it a drop thru deck? Interesting…

That’s what i was thinking about doing but stop shy of lining the holes up. Because i wasn’t sure how i wanted to go with the build.

Sure man, it’s your’s till you tell me otherwise tomorrow.

So is it not a full drop through? That’s what I’m looking for. Or at least close enough i can finish the transition. Im almost free to pay up

No! the corner need to be worked on just a bit to get the holes to line up.

If your ready. $180.00

Sorry got busy again. So that’s an email address right? Just want to make sure thats what i send the paypal payment to.


Sent. Did you get it

Yeah got it, thank’s

(SOLD)For sale these are my first batch that I got manufactured the boss are a little out of spics so its going to be tight depending on the hubs you’ll be using.

$95.00 + shipping
72t Aluminum pulleys Hard Anodized


Wait, aren’t they all supposed to have the same bolt pattern?

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