[WTS] [US] Boundmotor Direct Drive Motor Kit

Direct Drive kit from Boundmotor
**Vendor link: https://boundmotor.com/product/direct-drive-motor-kit/

Comes with everything shown in the pics. I purchased this and then decided to go a different way with my build. I thought about keeping it for another build, but after riding it for 2 miles I realized DKP trucks are not for me. Has very minimal signs of wear, maybe a single scratch on one of the cans.

Kegel adapters installed, and a second set of kegel adapters included.

$300.00 $265.00 +shipping to contiguous US or free pickup in Wichita, KS.:




Just a suggestion. If it’s only the DKP you don’t like, some people have had luck removing the extra pivot turning them into TKP.


I do appreciate the suggestion!

I decided to move on to a belt drive setup for this build, and planning to do gear drive on my next board - So I really have no desire to hold on to these DDs

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Right on just thought I’d throw it out there. I’m half tempted to do a 4WD…

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4WD seems like the best option for DD :wink:


Do you still have. Will you ship yo canada

two kegle adapters but no abec? :frowning:

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Still got it. On a road trip right now but will get a shipping quote for you tonight

I got double kegel because they are the only wheels i use, and previou versions had reports of the adapters breaking. These new ones seem pretty sturdy though.

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Dropped price to $265 + shipping

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still available

Still have the DD?

Still got it. Open to offers.

I’ll definitely take them.

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Couple more days buddy.

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