WTS UK Matrix II Motor Mounts, Rockstar II Pulleys, Etoxx Bullbar.

[UK] Etoxx Bulbar, Lacroix Motor Mounts, Lacroix Pulleys.

Etoxx Bullbar
Etoxx Bullbar - Silver Un-Annodised colour
£50 (+ postage)
Unused. I bought two and have since realised one won’t work on the back of the board due to the Trampa Spur Gear Drive.

Matrix II Motor Mounts
£50 each (+ postage)
Again unused. No scratches/damage so brand new. bought from the Lacroix website.

Rockstar II Motor Pulleys
£50 each (+ postage)
These are also unused. I will throw a set of belts in if bought with the motor mounts. Again bought from Lacroix.


interested in the trampa bullbar
will it only fit mountainboards or a regular longboard to?

I’ll take the Trampa bull bars if they’re still available, postage to the uk

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Meant posted within the uk

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Halbj613 is top of the list mate. When he replies to my pm I will let you know if he wants it

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No worries mate

Do you not fancy the etoxx one? I prefer it to be honest

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I’ve got lights that fit the bars perfect, I don’t think I’d be able to mount them to the etoxx

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if the trampa fits a standard longboard setup (not a mountainboard) i will take. otherwise you can

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Think you’re likely to run into some issues

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ah yeah your right
@Soho1212 you take


Naw, i’m dibs by pm 5 minutes after your comment

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i can see why you told me it doesnt work now


I could just shut up and buy it later for even less from you when they don’t fit


dunno just want it so i can ram into people on my board :laughing:
if i bought and it didnt fit i would prob keep for the future and maybe in a long time sell


For me it goes on a build i’m onto right now. Deck and battery box secured, battery in the makes, just need trucks and wheels, plus extras like a way to hold lights


gotcha man take it and make something awesome

for me its all about how hard i can hit other people with my board…

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You need this lol
Call it the ankle buster


cant view a video atm since im in a lesson but will look later

it staretd last year when i by mistake throttled and wacked my friend in the leg with my board and he ended chucking it on the floor

since then i found i need something better to whack him with so bullbars gotta be the solution

or sortta go all out and end with this

Blue VW bug car with spikes | Volkswagen, Car humor, Vw beetles


I have no idea who first messaged me/replied to this thread. @Soho1212 @Athrx I think you guys are going to have to come to a gentleman’s agreement. I will listen to offers on the etoxx one. I have a way of mounting a light to it!