[WTS] Street Board BKB Xenith, 12s3p 40T Battery, ... [EU] [GER]

Would anybody be interested in buying this thing? Runs perfectly, just installed new wheels. Has an OG Xenith in there, 12x3p 40T battery pack, surfrodz trucks, Janux motor mounts, FS6374 motors, etc. Easily 2k€ just in hardware. Top speed is 50km/h, torque is insane.

I made some custom axles for the trucks, since I wasn’t so fond of the surfrodz shoulder bolt bullshit. Enclosure ist custom too. The whole board is watertight (to a reasonable degree), so riding in the rain is no problem. Motor plugs, sensor plugs, all tight.

If you don’t like the colour scheme, a free paintjob with basic griptape is included.

Asking 2500€ OBO, very unwilling to part out because this is a running board, would be a shame to rip it apart. I want to build a CNC mill from scratch, so I need to raise some funds. Shipping in Germany is free.

A few quick pics, will take more if there is interest:



stand firm; in these forums everything gets parted out :rofl:

Would be a shame, though

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This is a nice board


We’ll see. :smiley:


Whered that enclosure come frome?

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In the first post

Yeah, the enclosure is custom, there are no premade ones for the Landyachtz Battleaxe.

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Selling DIY completes is difficult. In my experience you have to offer a heavy discount if you want to sell a board complete.

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yeah yeah ik, just wanted to give it a shot. :smiley:

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