WTS Stormcore 100D - US

One comes with switch, ppm adapter, charger, 5.5mm bullets - $400
One has no accessories or bullets -$375
Everything for $750
Buyer pays for shipping

Feel free to message me with offers or questions


Where are you located? Also, anyone wanna split with me?

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want yes, can no


Why are so many StormCores going up for sale? Do they suck or something but body wants to say it?


Same. Honestly super worried, but maybe it’s the lack of Android app? Idk


I had a couple and both of them wouldn’t turn off … :pensive: they were replaced buuut I’ve been to lazy to check if the new ones are working :eyes: When I try I can update. :penguin:


What’s wrong with zoom forever?

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Uhh… I have other boards :man_shrugging: I’ll get to the stormies in time :sleepy:


@jujo MA
@ZachTetra I never got around to trying them out so I can’t say :confused:

Thermal issues and other stuff mention in the main Stormcore thread. That’s why I bought the VESC 6 from Trampa as it’s tried and proven. Stormcore is too new. I won’t be taking any chances on something that isn’t proven yet. Supposedly batch 2 will fix some issues, but no idea when that is. Only time will tell.


Hmmmmmm new hardware has bugs?!?! And when top $ hardware has bugs people sell it to buy , cheaper , less hassles hardware?! No! Say its not so!

Nobody could’ve seen this coming!


So…why is one missing everything and has phases cut down way too short? Seems like something was tried

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I was going to replace all the connectors to 5.5 but never got around to finishing. And I can’t find the accessories anywhere :man_shrugging:t2:.
(These have never been fully setup and ridden is what I meant by tried)

Replacing the bullets required you cut down the length drastically?

I think drastically is a strong word, doesn’t look like that much was taken off.

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I guess so lol, they are about 9cm long atm for anyone wondering

Also it’s not like it’s hard to resolder new wires on, I do it with some of my ESCs anyways. I had some FocBoxes and a Unity that came to me with fuckered phase leads so I just resoldered new 14awg and they are better than new


Yeah but did you use MR60Ss? They’re More Simple ™


Actually I did, not a fan really…I will be going at the Unity again to put on some bullets or much longer wires so I can fold them over the unit, not sure yet

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i have a bag of MR60s. Still haven’t used them in anything.