WTS SKP built Complete $2500 shipped US


I want to sell this beautiful blue beast!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


-Granda plata Deck
-Big Ben enclosure
-Stormcore 60D
-3Ds heatsink
-12s4p Lishen LR2170LA battery (80amp continues) with a smart BMS
-SKP reacher V5s with 150c rated magnets and other cool stuff 173kv
-Metr can
-vx1 remote
-3Ds Thane Gear drive on new 3Ds Hoyt tire hubs and Hoyt small AT tires 1:2.2 ratio
-Adjustable base plates


Top speed 45mph loaded
30 degree hill climb no problem
12-16 miles of hard riding up to 20 cruising

Board in action below

It’s only been ridden a few times, everything about this build is as good and better then I thought it would be

I am only selling because this is what I do, I build stuff and sell it.

What I really love about this board is how stable it is at 40+ mph yet carvy at lower speeds. The board also has a nice wide and long standing platform. It really has the performance and feel of an insane 12s or 14s some crazy 6p or 8p red ember board, but is light and nimble, can easy be grabbed and tossed in the car.

can also be purchased here

Financing options available like affirm or 4 interest free instalments with shop pay.

I will very soon be building more of these, phenomenal set up.


Beautiful board sir. If you part out, I’d like the drive train please. Glws.

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Imagine Art having to part out a board

This’ll go within a week I think, pretty beautiful! Those new tires look interesting, how do they ride? @Skyart


you should put affiliate links to all the parts lol

or pay for the plans with build documentations.


They ride amazing!! I like these better then my huuuge hubs lol, these are just as perfectly balanced and smooth. The bigger ones are cushier ofc


You onto something!!!


Those HOyT 5in are begging for some big ol custom DD. Ahehmmie


Dude right!?! Aaaai if only DDs didn’t suck

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Dude, take off that clear grip tape and you could charge an extra $250.


Yeah I was thinking of sticking regular black on there, maybe I should just do it :thinking:


Sweet set up! Did you make cutouts to go drop through? Then decide against?

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I had lucid grip on mine initially, which I think looks pretty good.

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It is indeed drop through, the adjustable baseplate is just a bit larger then normal and some of it is in the cutout

Yeah that looks really good!

Baddest esk8 this side of the Mississippi BUMP!

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You knowwwwww, I have something for 2,500 that we can trade :no_mouth:

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Lol :rofl:

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If you part it, I will pay you to not sell the drive train to @AviatorEsk8er

but I doubt it will come to that, sick build bro :open_mouth:


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: no part out, I am too lazy, plus…it’s actually perfect the way it is. Nothing needs to be changed! I will just keep it if it doesn’t sell.


Awesome offer! It won’t last long. :+1: