Wts n.e.s.e 12s4p SOLD

N.E.S.E complete setup for 12s4p pack - new £100

(upload://gPc5ieGJ4h3rCwLvGCaWYFm0I9Z.jpeg) image|375x500


Hate to hear it bruv. Hope you heal well.

Also, earlier today we decided that any sale thread should have updated profile with location, condition you’ve got, pictures, prices. Just makes things a lot easier.


As soon as you get prices on here, I’m interested

@sender was looking for a hummie deck.

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how much for Psychotiller surfrodz tkp???:star_struck:

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I’m sorry for your injury…:pensive: Wish you a good and fast recovery :pray:

Would you mind telling what happend? Was it on your hummie deck with focbox unity?

Any idea on the price for the 48x new 30Q cells? Also located in UK

Let we know what you want for the deck and enclosure. @hummieee might want to buy it and send it to me!


I messaged earlier and put hard dibs on the cells, mounts and tkps bois.




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If you’re willing to let go of the hummie deck with enclosure for a good price I’ll take it !

I hope you can recover 100% and heal quick. It’s sad to see a sales thread for that reason.

Can we get some prices on the nese modules and the bergmeister wheels please :slight_smile:

Hope you get back to riding someday.

How much?

Dibs on Unity?

Hey how much for the hummie deck?

I’ll get some pics and prices as soon as I’m back from work this evening

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Remember who was interested first!!!

I let go of it, not interested anymore, kinda forgot for a minute my battery is not flex at all

I have an unused Hummie deck (single cutout from first group buy) that I’d be willing to sell. The unfortunate part is it costed $50 to ship from Hummie to me and I paid $120 for it. Obviously I’m not trying to make $$ on the shipping, but I’d rather not lose my shorts as I’m just trying to clean out the workshop.

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