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[WTS] Light pneumatic ultraboard - $1800 (sold)

I think I’m going to sell my light pneumatic board, it’s working perfectly and under 200 miles, overall great condition, it’s all loctited and ready to go

It comes exactly as shown with everything in the pictures, pics are from today (except battery, but that was the day it got sealed)

The price breakdown for everything is about $2400 new, so I’m thinking $1800 would be reasonable

Shipping is available within the continental US, and if you’re near DE/MD/PA/NJ intersection you could pick it up in person

Top speed: 30 MPH
Range: 18 mi
Length: 40"
Weight: 25 lbs

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!


Edit: there are 5x 385mm HTD5M 20mm belts and 2x HTD5M 15mm belts included but not shown, my bad

Parts List

Sorted by value

  • Haggyboards Bergmeisters wheels with 6 spare tires and 5 spare tube
  • Sensored Torqueboards 190kv 6374 motors
  • Black Fox Boards 12s3p flatpack battery building service
  • Blood-Free Enertion FocBox Unity ESC
  • Molicel P42A cells
  • Shreadlights white SL-1000 and red SL-200 lights
  • Bustin Sportster deck
  • BigBen Nine Two Five fiberglass enclosure
  • METR Pro Unity Bluetooth module
  • Boardnamics 220mm stealth hangers
  • Boardnamics idler stealth motor mounts
  • Flipsky VX1 remote
  • LTT 12s smart BMS
  • custom ABS 60T wheel pulleys
  • Banshi 385mm HTD5M 15mm belts with 7 spare 15/20mm belts
  • Paris V2 50°/43° raw baseplates
  • Torqueboards 15T motor pulleys
  • YZPower 50.4V 2.75A charger
  • Riptide Caliber II Cast pivot cups
  • Riptide 90a KranK barrel bushings
  • Zealous Steel bearings
  • custom PETG bash guards
  • Bolt Depot 60mm shoulder bolt axles

Note: wheels are the most used part, but the tires are the original set and never rotated, clearly not heavy use on any of it


Super nice, GLWS


Ty ty! I love this board but I want something bigger that I can get more kick out of…I can only pull 2000W before I fall off and that’s just sad (it can generate 7000W but I just can’t stay on long enough to use it lol)

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@loopy looks like what your looking for.


I could definitely get this sent to Chicago

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@loopy this looks exactly like what you wanted, do ittt


Price drop, any takers at $1800? Offers also accepted!


Any idea what the shipping to 22032 will be like? Might be interested in buying

What state is that? I can check exactly this evening but I can give an estimate now

That’s Fairfax, Virginia, about 30 minutes out of DC


Looks like $20 to $30 in shipping, or we can meet half way (1 hour per way per person)


Not bad at all. Not sure if I’ll have time to drive, but maybe. I’ll have to do a little more considering after class

Nah not bad at all, driving is more reliable though, I can do my best to package it but I don’t have a single large box

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@xsynatic Please close, it has a new home now :cry:


Glad and sad to hear!