WTS!!! Geardrive! 1:4.2 3Ds Eco V1 and modors ($600 shipped)

Looking to sell my 1:4.2 straight cut eco drive.

Recently completely rebuilt, new bearings, new motors, light scuffs on casing underside. They come with 125KV SKP motors installed. Extremely quick set up full or torque!!

$650 shipped! Does not come with the truck risers!!
Trucks, Hubs and tires included

Roughly 100miles on it since rebuild

Thanks for looking yall!


Are the trucks compatible with a flat deck? If they are than I might be interested

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No the trucks need an angled deck like most MTB decks are

You can have the deck and enclosure for an extra $300!!

Damn, that sucks. I’m not allowing myself a second build yet unless I finally bother to put all my extra cells to use in a battery pack first.

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I’ve seen people do some crazy things like use 30 degree wedges, but not sure where you can even find something like that anymore.

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I’d rather not try anything sketchy like that to be honest. Hopefully someone else buys it from you soon as it is a good deal for anyone with a mountain board or who wants a mountain board set-up.


What did you do the overlays in your video with?

I use Garmin VIRB and process outlined here




$625 shipped!!

It comes with roughly $80 worth of fancy titanium bolts too fellas!!!

Also come with the 1:3.5 pinion as extra if you speed demons need more of the speeds


@Skyart it’s a good deal. Almost makes me want to start a high voltage build.


It’s time :eyes::grinning: come to the dark side!!!


How many polls on the motors?

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These are regular Esk8 motors 7 pole pairs or 14 poles

And by regular I mean AWESOME!

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They’re sold out right now but 3dservisas has them on their website.


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@IDEA also has angled brackets available but you’d have to mod the deck. Could be sick though.


Bump $600

Are these motors from a batch after the fix to the hall sensors? I know you said some of the early batches had hall sensor issues.

Yes these motors are the newest iteration, hall sensors working good on em. The only reason I have them On HFI on this board is because my rion tronic controllers are an early version of the tronic and they had issues with the sensor port lol


Also can you fit five stars on the drives or is there not enough axle space. My moon trampa infinity can’t fit five stars.

Do you have the 5 stars? Are they not the same bearing distance as Rockstars? Also the drive train comes with rockstars and Kenda K909s