WTS EU |Quiting Esk8, Selling my board.

Hello all.
It’s been a very long time, much has happened, and it’s finally time to move on for me :')

Before i start, i just wanted to thank you all for being such an amazing community. You guys have been a big impact on my life, i’ve learnt a lot, given what i could, shared many experiences, met lovely people, and went through a lot of forum drama!
And i cherish all of it so thank you.

SOLD Selling my build here


  • Haero Bro Deck

  • MBS F5 bindings

  • Custom battery box ( i have the step and STL files, can reprint the box in any colour for free)
    Fits 12s6p 21700 or double stack 12s12p

  • 6374 maytech sealed motors

  • 2x single ESCapes (super mega reliable)

  • Metr pro UART

  • Front and back lights

  • Trailer hitch. Also can give the trailer if you want.

  • 3ds Infinity trucks 300mm with barrels

  • trampa phatladz (both 8" and 10" tires included with tubes)

  • maytech R2 remote (screen not working ://

  • Gophert 6011 adjustable charger (worth 150e)

  • 12s 4A charger

Battery not included because it seems to have taken a shit, i took the board out of storage and it was at 12v :')
So nobody wants an unrecoverable 12s6p p42a. I’m slowly charging it back up at 0.2A but it’s not usable for riding.
It makes shipping easier though.

Idk about price, i just want it to sell, and i need it to cover my driving license :smiling_face_with_tear:
So let’s say 1500e but totally negotiable :))
Also @rusins stayed at my house recently and gave the seal of approval of the board :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have my Gokart project to sell. Name a price and it’s yours.

SOLD And i also have a ~~metr CAN ~~
and a 16s5p A123 LifePo4 battery to sell, never used basically, in perfect health. It’s built to do 200A continuous and 250A peak :grin:
Name a price (it’s about 500e in cells)

I have so much esk8 stuff so if you buy this you’ll get a bunch of Extras for free also :ok_hand:


Nooooo, not another one :sneezing_face:


Can confirm! Drives spin well, motors are in good shape, as well as their connectors to the ECS box.

The middle battery box is held up with 3 TPU risers in the middle to allow for some flex, and the bottom is an aluminum plate, so it’s very well secured. Also the trucks use needle bearings, so no worrying about replacing kingpin bushings like on other channel trucks. Also they look sturdy af

It’s also noticeably lighter than my own MTB so yeah, it’s pretty nice! Griptape is super easy to replace if you don’t like the Ikea color scheme :stuck_out_tongue:


@sierra117 one for sale if you’re interested


Need moar pictures of that cart build.
I’d love to take it but I’m guessing the shipping is going to be horrible


The kart build is pretty cool, Louis even had it working at one point. The only issue was that it was too easy to steer I believe


Another one bites the dust, sad to see you go my dude


I’ll do that when I’m back at home! Do you have telegram Linus? I can definitely communicate quicker and send all the photos and videos that i have of it.

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smoke signals or esk8.news are the only forms of communication I use.
Nah, but you have my instagram :smiley:

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Im interested in the metr CAN, if you still have it.

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What KV Are the motors?

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@walnuts I think they are 170kv
5:1 gear ratio.
Top speed with 8" is about 50km/h

I definitely still have it. Pm me

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I forgot but i also have a Raiden 7!
I forgot what i paid but i think 200e + shipping is reasonable. It has an IMU and it’s been used once for bench testing.


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Onewheel people have entered the chat


@TheBoardGarage you need?


Much appreciated sir, but no thank you. I’m currently alright with VESCs.

I used to have one of those, they were cool. Shame it all went away.


Best of luck in your climbing career bro!
I’ve seen your posts, you’re a beast💪🏼


oh no, another one… this place is getting lonely…
good luck with your driving license ! I’m in the same boat right now


Hey bro I’ll take that Raiden. DM inbound.

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Esk8 now 1300euro! Accepting offers too

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