[WTS][EU] Loaded Vanguard, Eboosted 12s4p Vanguard enclosure + more

Hi Folks!

Selling some stuff I don’t need.
Prices are without shipping and paypal fees.
Payment through PayPal.
Tracked shipping in the EU is usually 20€, PM me for exact quote.
Items will ship from Helsinki, Finland. Local pickup also possible.

Reserve items via PM, put the items you want in the subject line.

Open for offers, let me know if the prices are way off.

Loaded Vanguard flex 2 with eBoosted 12S4P enclosure - 230€

The legendary Vanguard deck and eBoosted 12S4P enclosure.
Both deck and enclosure are in original condition (no holes!).
The deck is used in very good condition, enclosures are brand new.
Includes all necessary mounting hardware for the enclosures, inserts, bolts, washers, griptape, cable risers, high quality braided tinned copper cable capable of 90A continuous current and connectors.
Choose between the following colors for the washers (gold, light blue, royal blue)

Item pcs Condition
Loaded Vanguard flex 2 107cm 1 used 5/5
eBoosted 12s4p Vanguard enclosure 1 new
M5 stainless inserts 10 new
M5x25mm 12.9 DIN7991 bolts 10 new
M5 Anodized Washers 10 new
3D printed cable riser 2 new
Very Coarse Griptape 120cm 1 new
Braided tinned copper cable (90A capable), 2m 1 new
XT90 and XT60 connectors 4 new
Bullet connectors 5.5mm 6 new

Hammock Adjustable baseplates - 130€
  • 1 pair of Hammock standard RKP Adjustable baseplates for Caliber style trucks (Caliber, TB218, Boardnamics, Kahua, etc.).
  • These are from the first batch, matte black. Only test fitted, never used.
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware as well as a pair of riptide pivot cups
Item pcs Condition
Hammock Caliber II Adjustable Baseplates 2 new
Riptide WFB 96A Caliber II Pivot cups 1 new

HM-10 Bluetooth module - 5€

Dickyho 40T 12mm ABEC pulley - 15€
  • Brand new

2x Dickyho Idlers for 12mm belts - 5€
  • 1 pair of 12mm idlers for Dickyho mounts, brand new

HTD 5M Belts - 3€ each or 5 for 10€
  • Brand new usused belts
Pcs Item
11 HTD5-290-12
2 HTD5-295-12
4 HTD5-305-12

Fatboy Nano Gear Drive - Full Drivetrain - SOLD

3DServisas nano drivetrain with TB218 hangers, sealed Maytech 6374 190kv motors and a set of brand new TB110 78A. Comes with both ABEC & Kegel adapters and extra 3DS silent grease.
I got this drivetrain in the spring and it’s been on my shelf since then, has around 350km on it from the previous owner.

Item pcs Condition
Maytech MTO6374-190-HA-C 2 used 4/5
3Dservisas FatBoy nano gear drive 1:2.57 1 used 4/5
Torqueboards 218mm truck 2 used 5/5
Caliber II baseplate 50 degree 2 used 5/5
Torqueboards TB110 78A (set of 4) 1 new
Riptide Krank Canon 87A (set of 4) 1 used 4/5
Riptide pivot cups 96A (set of 2) 1 used 3/5
Zealous Steel bearings (set of 8) 1 new
Truck mounting bolts with nyloc nuts M5 10 new
Various risers 10+ varies
3DServisas silent grease 1 opened 1/2
3DServisas silent grease 1 new, unopened

2x Dickyho 36T 15mm Kegel pulley - SOLD
  • Brand new

2x Dickyho 36T 12mm ABEC pulley - SOLD
  • Used but in good condition

2x Steel motor pulleys 15T 15mm, 8mm axle - SOLD
  • 1 pair of steel pulleys for 15mm belts, used in good condition
2x FocBox v1.6 - SOLD
  • Focboxes in excellent condition.
  • Buy both and I’ll include a free canbus cable.
FlipSky v2.0 AntiSpark Switch Pro 280A - SOLD
  • Brand new Flipsky Anti-Spark

Maytech 6374 TB218 drivetrain - SOLD
  • Full dual 6374 drivetrain
Item Condition
MTO6374-170-HA-C Used 3/5
MTO6374-170-HA-C Used 2/5
TB218 Trucks Used 4/5
Dickyho 78mm short mounts new
Pulleys 15T steel 15mm Used 4/5
Pulleys 36T 15mm ABEC Used 4/5
Belts 7x HTD5-290-15 new
Eskating.eu Pro Wheels 97mm “73A” used 3/5

2x FSESC 4.20 mini - SOLD
  • 1 pair of VESC based ESCs
  • Work well on 10S FOC @ 30A batt / 60A motor

Dickyho long motor mounts with pulleys and belts -SOLD
  • Aluminium wheel pulleys, steel motor pulleys
Item pcs Condition
Dickyho 95mm long mounts 2 new
Dickyho adjustable brace 1 new
Belts HTD5-325-15 5 new

More stuff coming soon.
Please PM me if you have any questions.



Dude your attention to detail on this sales thread is amazing :call_me_hand:


Updated the post with sold items.
Coming soon, 2x FSESC 4.20mini, Anti-Spark switch, Possibly 3DServisas Nano drivetrain, etc.

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What anti-spark is it? If it is the flipsky/gamer43 enhanced version i may dibs on that XD


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I’m totally new to this and don’t have a clue what parts I need for my build but we should talk more later. Good luck with the sale buddy!

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Added esc’s and adjusted prices

fsesc’s pending sale

Added Flipsky antispark

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Pretty cool thread, pretty cool prices. Might’ve considered some parts if I hadn’t already gotten everything

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Added Hammocks

FSESC’s sold

Long mounts sold

Hi does anyone know belt size for dickios mounts and pulley wheels thanks

You can calculate it here, his mount are 95mm center to center (not sure if it’s the long mount or not, it’s the size for the one in the AT kit)


Added the rest of the parts for the Vanguard project.
I realized I don’t have the time to finish it and it needs a good home, the only thing missing is a battery, everything else is included.
Shipping to the EU is on me if you buy this before Monday 30.11.2020


to the top!

I shared that Vanguard deal to everyone I know. Such a good deal. Someone buy it.

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FocBoxes and Anti-spark sold