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Here I am, after a long frustrating journey with this board, I am finally going to sell it.
But before we get into that I would like to share what I have been through and what the board has been through, because this is incorporated in the cost.

I bought this board in May 2019 in Australia
( i usually visit once a year).
It was hardly used. Only had 10 charges on it, pristine condition.
I got it for 1400aud ( about 800 euros)
And then paid another 200 euro to ship it back to France.
The guy bought in from Evolve in 2016 right when the CGT came out, he gave it to me with the box and receipt (i lost that now though).
So anyway a paid about 1000 euro in total which was a pretty good deal I thought since they sell new for 2000-1800 euros in Europe ( they are cheaper in aus because evolve is an Australian company )
Btw this was before I discovered DIY and the forum.
My biggest gripe with this board, like most people who have migrated to DIY from a prebuilt, is performance.
Battery sag was an issue because I live in the french alps… Think SF hills lol
Also, I was not happy because I was always scared of breaking the board for multiple reasons

  • This was my first time on a skateboard board. Like literally. Sorry for the blow :joy: so totally unconfident. I am a “pro” snowboard though.
  • I needed an AT board and frankly put the 3rd gen evolve boards, whether it was the gt, CGT, or GTX, are just not meant for heavy off-roading.

In the end, it did fail me, within 3 months exactly, in August the ESC died the usual silent fuck you in the face death. It just would not turn on, not a burn mark on the ESC. Not only that but during the European Youth Cup in speed climbing in Imst, Austria.
I can tell you I felt like a total idiot walking back to the hotel carrying my electric skateboard with France on my back jumper with every bloody European nation looking at me :100:.
The good news is I did 3rd at the comp and got me a ticket to the European Youth Championship but well some times life gives you lemons because I fell sick the day before, and we were in Russia…

Then I joined the forum :grin:
Been spending 240h+ hours reading on here since haha.
So basically from there either

  • buy a unity and bms
  • or I upgrade to 10s4p 30q and get a new stock Evolve ESC
  • or just get a new evolve ESC.

I chose the 1st option, it took a lot of time, and I did not like the unity so much with the stock battery because it kept cutting out.
Then it bricked itself, though I did not know that and used the platinum warranty I had from Enertion.
This is where @deodand came in, even if he did not know haha.
So I contacted Enertion, Jeffrey replied, we exchanged emails, I sent him a video, voila got my new unity.
I sent the other one for repair in Europe and oh well, it was just bricked lol so I got a free unity, though I promise I thought the other one was dead,
Thank you so damn much @deodand :laughing:
so then I was with 2 Unitys and a useless board.
So I saved a ton of money and decided to fix this as best I can to sell it so I could go DIY :slightly_smiling_face:.

What did I do to the board?

I knew people were selling their evolves now for 1000 euro in good condition and that selling it would be hard without making it unique.
I did what I could with the funds that I had.

1. Components

Evolve trucks were okay, but there is better, so sold them and got the brand new amazing Torqueboards CNC trucks with riptide bushings.
They are so awesome, I can’t believe I can’t try them lol.
Also, I had ABEC 97mm that was hardly used but people don’t love them, they can chunk, and they are ugly vomit green.
So I grabbed the new TB arctic blue 74a 110mm and damn there are so soft, whoever buys the board from me I would love for you to permit to try them out because I have only tested them on the carpet at home.
As for the ESC and battery, there is no upgrade, they are standard evolve ESC & battery & 5065 1500W motors.

2. Modifications

  • TB baseplates are not the same size as evolves so I had to route the board to accommodate this.
    This also exposed the foam core of the board so I used special glue for boat decks ( Sikaflex 290 DC)
    which is flexible, UV resistant, chemical resistant (including saltwater), waterproofing etc…
    Then used epoxy with some purple mica powder to make it aesthetically pleasing and to add reinforcement.

  • I also added heavy waterproofing [water resistent] foam seals around the enclosure and added clear special removable silicon on top then screwed the lid down hard so I am confident I could leave the whole thing in a bath for 1min (i could say 5min but I won’t push my luck) fully submerged (if the motors had been waterproof I would have tried).

  • The wires coming in have also been sealed with A LOT of silicone

  • The ESC’s (i am selling 2 with the board, more of that below) and motors have been upgraded with MR60 connectors to allow higher current and less overheating.
    I have also seen many wires from the ESC have cuts from idk where but the silicon on them is really bad so I upgraded those as well from 18awg to 16awg (thicker wires).
    And because Brian has influenced me so much I conformal coated all the phase wire pads on the ESC lol. (the wires are very badly soldered from the factory and it my case i think that is what killed my esc because when i went to see the yellow phase wire was just floating around :neutral_face:)
    So nothing to fear here, I tanked this thing so much. I put months of work into this board.
    I want to add that I added silicon around the phase wires to avoid wires from rubbing and even detaching themselves even in the most unlikely of scenarios.

  • Carbonfibre wrap. Pretty boring deck and it scratches easily like any CF deck, so I put this chameleon blue/purple wrap. It has imperfections but you can’t really see them. It is super hard to wrap a deck like this with all the curves so I first did the and made it come down to the bottom then overlapped it by adding a bottom wrap. I will send pic for those who are concerned but this is just an aesthetics thing (some creases). It looks pretty awesome if you ask me :slightly_smiling_face:
    The naked deck does have scratches obviously but nothing unusual as you can see in the photos above.


So What’s the deal?

Well, here is what you will get:

  • R2 remote x1
  • TB CNC trucks front & back x2
  • TB 110mm Arctic Blue 74a x4
  • @ EboardSolutions 36t Kegal bolt-on pulley x2
  • 36/15 gear ratio | 275mm belt | 45km/h - 29mph top speed.
  • Evolve 150kv 5065 Motor x2
  • TB 50xx v6 motor mount w/ clamps x2 | 275mm belt x2
  • Evolve GTX battery ~80 charges x1
  • Evolve CGT battery ~30 charges x1
  • Evolve ESC x2 (the spare one is new, both are from a recent batch of 2019)
  • Evolve BMS x2
  • Evolve manual x1 ( for shits and giggles lol )
  • Evolve 10s normal charger x1 (i think it is 2 or 3 amps-it takes about 3/4h to charge from a dead battery but you could always get a fast charger that will only take 1.5/2h)
  • BoardBumpers nose guard x2 & Motor guards x2 that I had to 3d print an adapter so they fit the TB mounts.
  • YoBis Bindings w/ modified baseplates x2. They were in orange filament, printed by the man himself @ dani, but I did 4 coats of primer and 4 coats of black paint (Paint brand is Edding) and some Vinyl wrap design on top.
  • original evolve allen keys x2
  • Complete Evolve carbon gt pre-assemble with the above 1x
  • I might have forgotten something but I will add it with the board of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, how could i forget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1300 Euro

(I have a @jamie Red Ember Soma skinned by Tim coming soon and a @Haeroboards Haero deck so I need the funds to finish the these off.)

Thanks, guys!

The motors are now outward facing because the left motor covers up the charge port, I could make it lower but then ground clearance would be limit. You could have one motor outward & one inward if you want.
Also i have not connected the balance wires to the jst connector on the cgt battery, that will have to be discussed via pm if you want that done, i have had enough spending time on this board.

oh and btw @b264 i bet you didn’t do that on your evolve :smirk:



Obligatory will take the wheels if you part out <3



The parts are on the way.

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This is more like a build thread than a sale. Haha. GLWS. Free bump.


I’m sorry man but nobody is going to compensate you your ten grand for that write-up.
Definitely not your typical I’m selling it don’t harass me for pics I’ll post em later.

for frigs sake this looks like a business opportunity slide show.


This is now on ebay on auction for 1175 euros so those willing to buy it will now have to bid.

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Not much point in make a sale thread then.

Looks like the work you did was quality. Good luck with the sale


Just for anyone that comes here from eBay, here are some updates photos.
If you have any questions please contact me here or @Halbj613 (my friend which is the eBay seller)
I do see there are no photos of the screen of the r2 remote on eBay but it has only very light scratches (like a smartphone screen, only visible if you able the screen in a certain way, no big scratches… the remote is almost new, must have used like 5 times total.
Also the spare battery is now pictured below.


here is ebay link btw

That blue(:wink:) fits like an ass on a bucket. :grin:


I know! perfect match! Thank you Yannick :grin:

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I remember seeing this board a long time ago, it was one of the sexist builds id seen at that point, Goodluck on your sale!

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Thanks! that reminds me, i sold it last week :grin:
Please close @Zach :wink:


About damn time!