WTS Custom Kaly 2.0 w/Eboosted DS +discounted battery

This is a collaboration. Fresh skin by @cfelzien. Was a medium flex but has had 1 ply fiberglass over the whole deck and 2 in the creases. Made it much stiffer. Comes with an eboosted DS enclosure.


Would love to build one of my sexy batteries to put in it at a $100 discount. See more of my battery builds here: Big Reds Boards

If you buy a battery with it I will mount the enclosure.


Price drop!

I want this really bad…

You should buy it. It’s one of a kind…

You should still live in Utah so you wouldn’t have to ship it

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I’ll pay for shipping.

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Also Colorado is more betterer because weed. :joy::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


-it’s a joke people. Betterer is not a word…,… yet.


Thinking of getting my medical card in Utah but not sure if it’s worth it.

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Price drop!

another price drop!

Hope you don’t like your guns.

Looks awesome, wish I could afford it.

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What if I told you I take Venmo…? :joy:

Only thing holding me back is the battery enclosure won’t hold the 12s8p that I just made.

What did you make it for? What enclosure?

It was for the universal ds enclosure

You don’t think it will fit? I’ve got a flux deck here as well… I’m sure it would fit in that :joy:

I really want a kaly deck. I don’t want to run bindings and it’s so damn hard to turn the mbs without them.

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