[WTB] USA - TB6380 170kv

Need by this Friday. One but preferably two Torqueboards 170kv 6380 Motors. Dexter doesn’t have any more and I’m not sure of any other motors that have 8mm shafts and are trustworthy + powerful.

Maybe @Arzamenable @370HSSV or @ahrav?

Just one of those days when everything goes wrong.


wtb 2 broken tb6380


Or any 8mm motor shaft 170kv 6374 or greater motor :grimacing:

What’s wrong with 190kv?

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My boards already all geared for 170kv :joy:

A little extra speed won’t kill you :yum:

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Try @tipsy he might have some :call_me_hand:

(US) Tipsy's Sale Thread - wand, 3ds geardrives, 3ds baseplates, motors

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the website makes it look like there’s more in stock. It lets you put them in your cart at least


There probably the 190kv

Sadly they are a combo :sleepy:

As nacho said they are only sold as 190kv now… I might just screw it and buy two 190’s if I can’t find any motor by Tuesday.


I mean it’s not like you can’t sell the 170kv, what happened to your motor though?

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I am in the same predicament. Accidentally bought a 190 thinking it was a 170, (confirmation AND delivery emails both said it was the 170) and of course when package was delivered I opened it up to find it was a 6380 190kv.

What gearing do you have out of curiosity? We should Rock Paper Scissors and winner gets the 170s loser gets 190s haha


3 of the mounting holes stripped. Aluminum with a stainless screw. Never overtightened em or anything.

I’m not at @Arzamenable’s level, threading my own holes :crazy_face:


190KV :+1:


It’s pretty easy… Mark the tap so you don’t go too deep!

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What did you do to them :sweat: @Fosterqc

Oh no! I’ve done the same thing! They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. The website and my confirmation email both say 170kv. Why would they do that, then send a 190kv? I’ll wait and see what I get before I jump to conclusions

I got a pair of maytech 6374 170kv, will those work?

They are D shaft though . __.


Guarantee you they’re 190kv unfortunately… Dex this is 3 people experiencing the same exact thing. Maybe it’s not all our mistakes?

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Ok I just looked at your site again… here’s screenshots I literally JUST took.

Meaning it’s definitely not our fault we purchased one product and got a completely different product. It would be pretty shitty If you didn’t make things right. My dumb ass already cut the sensor wires and put on a new connector for them because I anticipated receiving the correct product.

This frustrates me so much and I really wish I could do something about this but I imagine cutting the sensor wires disables any chance I had to be reimbursed. @torqueboards PLEASE fix your site ASAP so others don’t make the same mistake we already did… even though we didn’t and you just failed to correctly adjust your site/products.

No hate shed towards dex, have spent literally thousands with you easily and have always been pleased with shipping times, product quality, even customer service up until now.

Anywho, I’m going to go donate to semen banks until I can afford to correct this loss of around 300 since my dumb ass made the same mistake twice in a row thinking something changed or updated but it didn’t.

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