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WTB: [US] Short Deck

Yo people, I’m working on planning out my next build to work on for Youtube, and I want to build a shortboard.

I’m looking to get an excellent shortboard to put boardnamics M1 on, with room for a 10s3p or something like that. Thinking of getting a Loaded Cantellated Tesseract if I can find one

Open to other decks as well, I am not super familiar with this world.

I saw that there’s an Omakase, but I think that’s pretty small, not sure if that would fit my bill.

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I’ve been eyeballing that Omakase, very nice!
or get your self a Mini Glider, probably the last one in stock

wheel wells and flares may mean you can get away with less riser pads


Oooh that does look pretty nice.

I just found the jet vulcan deck too but those are apparently unobtainium.

You seen anyone do a build on the mini glider @iespobolamas ?

I set up a Frequent Flyer as electric and love it, kind of the same but a bit longer.
and i have 2 mini gliders here, planning to electrify one at some point.
Just really like the way Brian from Earthwing made these,
if you need any details, or pics let me know

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Could you take a couple pics of them? I’m still in the idea formation phase

Especially the mini glider, that price is pretty nice

Looks like @rafaelinmissouri might have some advice too

Idk that omakase looks pretty nice

The goal is mostly a grocery store / gym build

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yeh! that Rally Cat looks fun, being so low to the ground for pushing,
oops, did i mention pushing? :expressionless:

i like that the tail and nose get skinnier, fell less likely to get wheel bite

Hmm I do like the idea of that, but I feel like the lack of foot support would annoy me

clearance with no baseplates

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that’s what i like, riding on a twig, nimble and sketchy :wink:

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Lol yeah, I think the Omakase might be the one for me, but I’ll see what other people have to say


go go go :wink:

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I had my finger on the trigger for that one haha

haha, same price as MuirSkates but you get a free set of wheels

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True, except muirskate is out of stock

looks like they have the Roe one

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Omakase is the most comfortable shortboard esk8 I’ve felt under foot.


Yep, but palm looks way nicer in my opinion

yeh, they’re both quite tasty, though there won’t be much palm left to see once you have an enclosure on it