[wtb][us] set of rockstar or fivestar hubs/wheels

I was planning on using an ancient set of wheels for a build but they are too wide for the matrix 2 trucks I just picked up.

Any one got a set with pulleys they are wanting to part with?

New from mbs is $100 shipped (I have tires etc so obviously that would be more…) can you beat that?

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I can sell you 4 Rockstar II for 30 bucks shipped…

Used. But fifne.

I dobt have a pulley though

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Recently washed…


Also MBS has a 15 % discount on the Forum.


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XD why so many?

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Because… reasons.


Yeah. Reasons…

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I’ve got 4 new blue RSII’s I’ll let go for cheap. DM me if ur into it.

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I’ve got some new white ones with pulleys, spacers, and tires:

Don’t know if you’ll be happy with the price though lol

Yeah those look sweet but this is gonna be a jenky board of mostly pasta I have lasting around so putting those on might be a bit of a crime.

@xsynatic , @rafaelinmissouri is helping me out. Can we shut this down?

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