[WTB][US only] Evolve 2A charger

Want to buy, USA / NYC. No international.

Looking for some of the old Evolve 2A chargers. Not the fast or 4A chargers or other brands, I have plenty of those.

42.0V 2A float charger

PM me if you have one, I’m looking to add a second one if someone has an extra one they don’t need.

Looking for this. Notice the small round charge LED that’s hard to see.

Don’t want this. :arrow_down:

Notice the long rectangular charge LED and the larger size.

I can do local pickup in NYC.

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I have the 4 amp enertion branded one if your down for fast charging

I have plenty of those :crazy_face:

Looking for the 2A version



@xsynatic this can be closed

@everyone if you have one of these you don’t need, you can always PM me, but I’m no longer actively searching for one