(WTB)(US) mountain board deck / angled drop down deck

wtb a mountain board deck for the diyeboard mtb trucks.


Markone guy has some decks good price. Ships from outta state though

thanks! could you link me to him?

I think @Venom121212 got one with shipping to the states for around $50.

Yes i still have decks from the B stock which i can ship to the US the deck is €35 and shipping is €32.80
So total €67.80 ($75.52)

Color you can choose from the link that Skunk posted.


thanks for the reply.

just curious I’m able to purchase a MBS board deck locally for around $80 new, how do your decks compare?

well what i can say is they could not be broken by some heavy guys (105kg and 120kg) and they really went for it :slight_smile: