Selling B stock Mark One Boards DIY Deck (EU)

Hey guys,

We have around 20 B stock decks here which are perfect for a DIY project.
The Decks are perfect except the graphics aren’t 100% printed well or have scratches (hence B stock)

So instead of them having around here I am selling them for cheap as project decks.

The specs are:
Material: 100% crosslayered Canadian Maple 9 ply
Width: 7.9"
Length: 39"
Flex: Flexible
Nose and Tail angle: 35°
Graphics: B
Extra: @ducktaperules could not break them haha

So they can go for €35/piece excl. shipping
Location: Belgium, Antwerp


Have you got pictures of your production line?


It’s a great price!
Non the less they not wide enough, as min not for me.
For the people who buy them and have the same issue, there is a diy fix add of concave available (for trampa decks, but works more or less also on this deck)


Yes I do, I am not home right now but will show you when I am back home

Here is a small collage from the production area

Here is our board in the hands of Amon (for size comparrison)

and this is me working in my small home workshop

And me holding the first Flipsky VX2 remote

We want to grow as a company, and I find it very important to be as transparent as we can towards the community.
We work hard and I admit its alot of work but we enjoy being a part of this community, so I really hope we can continue to develop with everyones support on here :slight_smile:


Hey Michael,

Did you guys try and kickstart a generic Alibaba mtb with a 400% markup?

Could you also explain how the deck you are currently selling off (at a reasonable price, it has to be said) is any different from the one you claim it is not? Same shape, same layer count, same concave, tip angle and the supplier has confirmed that yours came from them?

Transparency is key here my friend, like you say. Please don’t take this as some sort of attack. Your shop seems ok and I will be buying from you but you’re not going to slide through here without being asked difficult questions about your business model.

Tell us what is actually going on, it doesn’t take much to pull a story apart and make yourself look a bit silly. A picture of you measuring a deck in your kitchen is great and all that but lets keep it real?


@Brenternet We indeed tried a kickstarter with the same shape as the one from Alibaba.
We were still very new in the whole Esk8 community (noobs without knowledge) and wanted to take an existing product and improve it with industrial grade parts (like, cooling, motors, bearings, etc…) but we realized quite fast that this wasnt the way to go about it since industrial parts were very expensive and this is not what is wanted by Esk8ers in general (especially not based on a generic piece of crap).

@moon Also messaged me about the decks we are selling of now for cheap.

So after the big mishap on kickstarter I wanted to make my own branded boards and starter to look for a factory to produce them, after some search we found a factory that sent ud a catalog with all available shapes and moulds.
We chose this shape out of the catalog and chose to use 100% Canadian Maple to make these boards.
After a while we receive the boards from them and I get told by someone that they saw the same shape of board on Alibaba, so i check it and indeed it was true.
After this I contacted the production manager of the factory we used to make these boards to ask him about this, he tells me that they indeed sell the same design on Alibaba for cheaper using Russian Maple and Chinese Maple (much cheaper).

As a company using this design this put us again in a tight spot since people would think its the same quality and all that.

So these boards are not Chinese Maple or Russian Maple but crosslayered Canadian Maple, Pavel Garmas and Ducktaperulez could not break our boards so they are really strong.

We then got invited to the Paris Esk8 event and talked to ALOT of people and learned so much more about the product we wanted to create (but honestly did not have enough knowledge about)

So since then we turned the whole company into a different direction and choose only to work with know and good quality brands.
If you go look at our store you see we chose to only offer brands of high quality now so we know our clients get only the best products, and we keep contacting brands to increase our portfolio further in the good direction.

I am honestly happy to have explained our whole messed up startup since it was very rough and we made alot of mistakes along the way.

Now we consult experienced riders and DIY’ers before making a decission to make sure we are going the right way.

I hope this clears up what concerns you had.

PS: the picture of me measuring is really my inhome spot to do small things haha


Good that you went away from the Kickstarter, because that board wouldn’t hold up to the performance you claimed in your promotion clip.
So the deck you chose for your new diy project seems to be this than, right?

Available from Maya boards

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I get it. Thank you for the write up.

Take this positively, just straight up tell people what you’re up to if you want to be community orientated. If you want to Mboard it and just do whatever you want, that’s fine… people will make up their own minds and vote with their wallets. But if you’re claiming to be a community store and want to integrate you should be transparent, and I mean actually transparent, not just what you think people need to hear.

I wish you the best of luck.


Hey Andy, the deck we initialy chose for the new DIY is the MS3720 shape but 40" by 10" made from Canadian Maple with a Carbon Fiber core and lasered Design on top.

We wanted to make sure our board is not sold on Alibaba so hence why the dimensions are different and the used materials, however I did not receive the official shot of the board yet so I used the MS3720 as placeholder.

On the other hand am i also looking for other options regarding the board, this is also one of the reasons I decided to join this forum, to get in contact with boardshapers and motormount creators.

Thank you alot for the advice, we know that we made wrong decisions in the past (which haunt us now) but I am working hard to get the company in the right direction.

Just to confirm. This stock in your shop… it’s on a shelf right? There’s no dropshipping or potter delays?


Thick decks with cutouts for battery/vesc and clean fitting enclosures. That’s what gets attention in the diy community.
The first deck in this thread would be rad if it was wider.

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Our stock is sitting on a shelf in our warehouse, we dont have a physical store so we ship from the warehouse to the client.
As exception we deal in Flipsky aswell and got an agreement with them to send out straight from them with DHL Express instead of first to us and then to the client (which will only make it more expensive and not faster)

What’s the advantage for the customer to order from you instead of directly from Flipsky? Prices seem to match up. How it is with EU buyer than. They will need to pay import tax as the parts coming directly from China?


Fucking aye… have you always been so damn witty or did you perfect it with time , you cheeky bastard (did i use that right? :grimacing:)


Yes I am still working that out right now, I am planning to keep stock myself from flipsky so the buyer does not need to worry about import costs (within EU) but profitmargins are very small on the parts from flipsky,
So I need to or sell them without profit or negotiate better B2B prices with them.

I’ll happily guinea-pig it for that sort of money. Nice one!

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hey @topcloud we indeed rented their production line to make these boards for us based on a readily available shape they had.
However we chose for crosslayered Canadian maple instead of Russian Maple.

Back then we also were not aware they already had this shape on Alibaba from cheaper materials.

Like I said before we are moving forward as a company trying to not make the same mistakes again, so right now I am looking for a good European based boardshaper for the new prototype we are gonna make.

This Forum helped alot with pointing out alot of stuff we have to adjust and take in consideration, so I am happy so many people came on here giving us advice.

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Rented their production line means we got in touch with them, and they were willing to produce our boards for a fee.
As a starting company they offered to use an existing shape since creating a whole new mould would be too expensive for us.

We could choose the materials and layers, which is what we did since we only wanted to have boards made from real canadian maple instead of cheaper wood types.

Hangzhou made them for us like we asked, but it seems now that choosing an existing shape was not the right choice.
I admit that I should have looked up this shape on Alibaba before.

After all the backlash we got on this thread we decided not to use them again.
And are looking actively for a european based shaper, or even do it ourselves.

We started 4 months ago and are learning along the way, even tho you were quite harsh I am still thankful for your opinion since it helps us grow.

All criticism gets taken as good advice and taken in consideration.

Thats also the reason I chose to only deal in quality brands on our store.

Just be sure that we want to listen to everyone on here to become better.