(WTB)(US) Cheap 12s bms

Hello everyone. I am looking for a cheap 12s charger, like 2a, anyone wanna get rid of one :slightly_smiling_face:
Also looking for a 12s li-ion bms(balancing… DUH) charge only.

Honestly same. I’m tired of trying to get chargers from China. I would also be interested in a charger for 12s >6a ish from anyone in the states.

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sorry I’m just nosy and curious… what’s your battery specs look like that you want a 12s 2amp charger?

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Well I just want it for cheap lol, 12s 4or5p Samsung 25r

do the math son… 12s 5p is gunna take you a month of sundays to charge at 2amps

Only 6 hours dead to full of 5p

So much this. All I have is a 1.5A amazon charger and it’s excruciating. It takes more than overnight after my evening rides. I’ve had a 6A version on order for over a week from a certain vendor. Was told it would ship next day but then waited before pulling the trigger. Nothing yet, and it’s killing me.

To edit. If I ride in the morning for half a charge. It doesn’t recharge before dark. Hurry and jump in the group buy.



The group buy?

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Haven’t seen an update but there’s a group buy forming for 12s China charger.

Hmmm I’ll look

They are offering 6a and 8a right now on the group buy. I believe 60ish for 6a shipped, and 77ish for the 8a
Atleast those where the options a day or two ago

Edit: (US) 12s charger group buy - who's interested?

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The other one I have on order is $85 shipped. Hopefully it’s here sooner but not looking good. Lol.

That’s what I’m sayin man. China shipping bein dirty

Well, my current order should be from the US.

Sad bump… neeeeeed bms
Can trade for a 10s red waterproof one

Don’t have a bms, but I have a 12s 4a charger I was gonna sell… I believe it’s a wate. Has fan and metal enclosure. Let me know if needed. Cheers

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If @Harrisonwms1 is not interested in that charger. I might be willing to purchase it.

Take it! Pm him

Hey @Zel, you’re second I’m the que. I’ll let you know if it’s available as soon as I know if you’d like…