[WTB][US] Bent hangers

Looking to buy a hanger that is slightly bent because straight hangers are trash, and my current bent hanger is not long enough to use with my new motor set up. I need the axle width to be 12.5 in / 32cm and for it to be compatible with RKP.

*Update: no more set size requirements. Just tell me what the total hanger length is (including the axles) and I’ll see if I have something I can use it with. Or if it is cheap enough I’ll buy it anyway for future use

I only really need one hanger for the front truck but if someone has multiple I might buy several at once. If anyone has any larger raked hangers then I would also be interested in that as well since it is similar to what my bent truck does.

If I can’t buy one that is already bent, then I’ll just have to sacrifice a deck to bend my current one in a week once the paint on it is fully cured. Please sell me your “damaged” hangers to save the deck

For reference here is my current good hanger:

It isn’t an optical illusion and is truly bent thanks to being run over by a car.


“Breaking that surf adapter in half was a total accident, trust me”


I got the surf adapter after a car ran over my board and bent the hanger. I was a broke college student at the time and it was a christmas present lol

Also that adapter was always defective but I was dumb and didn’t know it was and used it anyway

@whaddys can supply you with one bent hangar a month


Wow, umm okay.

I have some of these, gotta look for them later when I get home. Some are still in use :sweat_smile:

In the meantime, @longhairedboy mentioned a stash of these…

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He did but never replied so I got impatient and made a post

@whaddys give me your bent hangers if this is true


Just lol

Im confused, are you intentionally using bent hangers? Why lol?

On my front trucks only because they feel better while carving and riding in general compared to a straight hanger. Took my bent one off for a week or two to sand and paint it and had to use a straight hanger during that time. As soon as I swapped them back it was immediately better feeling. Bushings and king pin tightness was the same on both hangers.

It didn’t start off as intentional since my only hanger was bent 2 years ago but at this point it is an intentional choice. Straight hangers feel like trash to me


Sorry I got distracted by drama and haven’t checked my drawer yet. I’ll pm you later.


Like I said I just got impatient, so you’re good.

Plus now I know about raked trucks which I now can look at from afar in hopes someone ever makes them longer :smiling_face_with_tear: If they made them long enough then a reverse rake set up would mimic what my bent truck does currently.

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Luna 350s are long bois with 4mm rake

Maybe too long tho :sweat_smile:


@ApproachCautiously how about half cambered trucks? BN270


The hanger width is what I need for total width. So close yet still so far away from being usable with my motor system (mounts are non removable from the trucks)

Not sure if that is what I want and it looks sketchy tbh. Even more so if it is only on one side…


If it you’re looking for bent BN270s I don’t think you’ll find them, the axles are significantly weaker than the hanger itself lol


all hangers come in different shapes and curvatures

some go straight out? some go left, some go right

some curve up some curve down

it’s all in the motion my ocean

I just need bent hangers that are 320 mm total length so it doesn’t need to be BN270s specifically. Also it would still be possible, I think, to find them bent if someone had their board run over by a car

Edit: I was very wrong. BN270s have weak very axles

Someone sell me your damaged cultured hangers pls. Or if you know a company that will make custom length raked hangers drop them here

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Ill ping @whaddys again

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