(WTB-US) 63xx Motors, enclosure, uno kegel pulley, deck, trucks con inward motor mounts

63xx Motors(or 50xx), 10s4p enclosure, uno kegel pulley, kicktail deck(like a dingy), trucks con inward motor mounts. exactly what i got in my title, hmu with offers. I already have motor pulleys and… that is it.

edit: so i got the enclosure, deck and working on the trucks as im typing. All i need is a kegel pulley, ans used motors

6355 motors, mounts, and motor pulleys

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I saw…we talked… he pricy tho

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Not quite what he needed lol

lol whoops. :joy:

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high quality parts are pricy

lol i hope you find what you’re looking for

eh price = quality is debatable, look at boardnamics mounts lol

actually what type of deck are you looking for? i might have one

oh thanks for reminding me to put kicktail in the description

oof, no tengo. good luck


greater than 28inch less than 40inch

I got the 31"

is it a part of your sale thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I got a whole section on decks

saw it, not interested… thanks for the offer

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Check out


I had to move my front truck up a bit to get the WB i wanted for my enclosure, but the price is hard to beat.


Heads up tho. Forward mounting +shorter kicktail decks can be hard to find the right enclosure for.
What size battery are you hoping to fit?

dang these prices, are they legit?