[US WTS] Everything must go! Selling all parts!


Heya guys, I’ve decided to restart my build…gotta sell everything so I can pay for new stuff, and then buy new stuff. I’m open to trading anything for anything else, items with leading asterisk will be bought/sold if replacement is found. PM me for anything, I’ll keep everything up to date with a status.


Please see build thread for wanted parts


prices do NOT include shipping (from Newark, DE 19711), feel free to ask questions about history/condition/dimensions of anything



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I will probably do another batch of my pulleys if you can wait

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Ooh I’m tempted!! I’m getting some printed ones from mmaner to hold me over until then

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Interested in this. Pics?


I separated the half’s so I could coat the insides, I started connecting it to the sled but stopped after that one connection

I’ve got a psychotiller flagship enclosure. Never installed.

The V2 listed on the catalog? I think its a little wide but Ill look soon

GOTTA DO YARDWORK, ill be back in a couple hours

What’s the s count?

Battle axe L: 38.2" | W: 9.4" | WB: 27.2"

Flagship L: 16 3/4" W : 8 1/4"

12s li-ion

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Some enclosures didn’t play nice because of the curved shape, I’ll pull it up with an image editor and check to make sure. I’d love to have it though, it looks badass as enclosure shapes go

Its abs. With a little heat, patients and Force I’m sure you can make it fit the concave of the deck. Especially with appropriate gaskets

I mean the perimeter of the deck, most of it is less than 8" wide

Oh i see. Detailed deck dimensions would help.
Might be able to trim this down too and possibly move as far forward as possible.

Assuming dimensions are exact, no rounding…it’s either gloriously perfect or dangerously risky

Edit: I took a good look at the Flagship V2 and it’s got trimmed corners so its actually a perfect fit, the question is will it hold 48 cells and all the electronics? I’m gonna be stuffing some step downs and drivers for underglow and headlights in there too

The flagship enclosure also gets smaller towards the end it’s not a perfect rectangle and it has room to trim.
but definitely keep in mind you’re going to have to address how flexible that deck is.


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Single stack battery?

Double stack. Basically a meepo battery