[WTB] [Priority UK, EU] good quality Vesc based ESC


As some of you already know, My MakerX DV4 is not behaving very well, and it looks like is going to be a pain to fix In the meanwhile, I need an ESC Vesc I can rely on, something based on the newer design possibly. Eventually when the makerx come to it’s sense I will use it for a new longboard project

I am based in London Uk, don’t have a fixed budget, but I’d like to stay around the 150£ mark. The veac is going on a MTB.


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Could be a tall order in shortage times.
Any reason (despite the pricepoint) you dont order from Trampa directly?

Sorry, maybe I should have specific Vesc based ESC.

Will edit the post asap.

And yes, unfortunately Trampa is a bit too pricey.

consindering you had to buy twice now for one esc :wink: maybe its not that pricey.


Well not exactly have to buy twice, the maker x is not completely fucked, it works perfectly under 40a per motor, and so far @YUTW123 is trying to help me resolve it.

With this I am not saying that the Trampa ones are not worth the cost.

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no worries, I’m just poking your sides m8 :wink:

I agree that the price of the trampa vesc is on the higher end, but for what they provide its seldom a bad buy. Occasionally you can get a second hand one for a bit cheaper too. I bought a mkv for 200 eur just the other week! If I wasn’t already convinced by all my other vescs regarding the reliability tho. I’d be in the very same boat as you.

But each to his own! :slight_smile:


Fsell me one of your vescs :rofl:

What are you hoping to get out of it?

@shuttershock -

Ryan, what have you found is a good operating range for the DV4?

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I haven’t run a DV4 very hard at all yet but that does sound reasonable. My GoFoc Retro, which had a smaller heatsink could only take about that much as well


Well, the thing is, even the manufacturer think something is wrong, and wants it back for testing.

I’d settle for 55 but now I want something that doesn’t cut off, something more reliable.

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You mean 40 or 55/60?

I see they have it rated for 60 a side, so I get your frustration with 40 being the limit.

Part of my reason for asking is that I have two of these on the shelf slated for a build, and I’ve been trying to decide how I’ll run them.

Was thinking 50 per.

I have the original Maker dual, and it wasn’t happy over 35 per. Got great use out of the little bastard, though.

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40 is the limit on one side, the other one is doing other vesc 60 without issues, this is what makes me think the side that only handle 40 is not working as intended.
Before raising the motor amps (was running 35/40 before) i contacted makerx, they said up to 100 is fine!!

The way I see these things, I’d try push it a bit harder than you want, see if it handles it, then tune it down to the desired parameters, and my vesc failed this test :rofl:

What battery are you planning on using tho? I have 12s

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10s for now.

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Guess that would be a lot less stressful on the esc.

I would suggest not to take my settings into consideration until we actually figure out if is an issue or if I actually hit the limits of it.

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Bit too much and too far :sweat_smile:

Went out on a group ride today, 37a per motor, didn’t push too hard, haven’t had much issues, only few overvoltage errors when I was flooring it.

Still very much looking for a 6 version vesc based ESC, I need more torque and more reliability

Well up to 100 might be “fine” but it will overheat fast

I was thinking 50 per side but ya if one side does more than the other it might be broken

Ta daa