Two VESC6 MKIII - not used outside single benchtop test two years ago.


Two Trampa VESC6 MK III with trampa remote dongle ( I cannot find the remote since moving house, it has been lost), hall sensor, canbus and push self start wired. Electrical tape and bubble wrap is to reduce rattle if you decide to go out and ride.

Had to cut off a bit of heat shrink, you may notice a bit of a cut on one of the bullets where you can see metal, simple fix with another heat shrink.

It has not be used nor has it been updated, so you will need to update it, or if too many updates since then, may have to flash it with the latest or whatever.

Tested it on bench back then, turn wheel quick with hand does start it up and both were in working order.

Reason is life trajectory has changed, moving into investment, properties, etc so focus is no longer relevant to this hobby.

Australian at $420, for US or outside, it is $450 (it for higher shipping cost). It is for both.


These don’t come up used often, folks.

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Trades ya set of Trampa gear drives for them

Sorry, someone has bought the pair :frowning:

Mods: can you close the thread (Sold)


They never last long lol