WTB or locate Enertion motor mount bolts

Does anyone have or know where to buy bolts for an Enertion motor mount?

I got some regular carriage bolts but the head is domed and i’d like to get the wheel pulley in closer to the carbon plate if possible.

it looks like the original Enertion ones are flat and have a lower profile


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I’d love to know too


They are most likely custom bolts and not readily available.

i did find these but they not flat underneath so they sit as high as the domed ones


i’m imagining a dusty box full of them sitting in a dark warehouse somewhere…


They are custom-made bolts.

I use similar ones that you show a photo of. Grind the head down a little where the pulley interferes on a grinder. Don’t make it as thin as the original ones, as they were essentially defective. I have some original ones, but they have issues. The new ones with a slightly ground-off head are better.

If you really want them, PM me. They are a tad damaged because they all get damaged because of the flawed design.

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Good find! Those are exactly what’s used, except they are M6 size which seems to be unobtainium (everything I see is FUB) unless you know the Chinese words for “elevator bolt”.

However, I insist those aren’t the bolts you’re looking for. The ones you showed a photo of at the top work better in my experience.

Go with “M6-1X25 ISO 8.8 Metric Carriage Bolt DIN 603 Zinc Clear” and snatch some M6 nyloc nuts and some M6 x 12mm x 1mm brass washers and this works better for me than the stock enertion hardware.

If you want the pulley a tad closer, grind or file off some of the bolthead or pulley where it interferes. I don’t have a photo handy but I find that works really, really well. And it’s much stronger than the stock hardware.


Why not just run another speed ring on the axle? It worked for me on cal180mm. No rubbing/binding issues.

You can also do that, in lieu or in addition to. OP just stated they wanted the pulley closer.

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Tl/dr lol. Carry on

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thanks, I think the head is too thick on those

I’m trying to keep the motor pulley in as close to the plate as possible to avoid extra stress on the shaft and bearing (the belt is already on the edge of the wheel pulley)

cheers for all the advise!
as the original ones have a design flaw I’ll take a grinder to the dome ones I have, I may also order some of these to try out thanks, @anon54720240