[WTB] looking for parts

Here’s a list of parts I’m looking for:

  • 6374/6368 motors
  • used battery 12s/10s or quote for build of new one
  • wheels
  • remote

Include shipping price (Cleveland Ohio)

Lmk what else you may have, trying to start a diy build for myself.
So far I’m buying a Unity and boardnamics truck kit.

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Motors in stock!

Plenty of batteries on the website too :sunglasses:


There are better ESC options available, I wouldn’t recommend getting a unity.


I have a 12s3p I don’t want. basically unused. $500 for the same one new on propulsions site. I’ll do $300 shipped.
40t cells, pcb build, forgot to mention lol


What do you recommend then ? I was choosing unity bc it’s $225

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Damn why all the Ohio eboards gotta be up north. Cbus meet up this fall or next spring??

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Does it come with the charger ?

you gotta be more specific. I have a munch of wheels I can sell ya, and some pulleys too, but idk what you want

I have one of each of these, not a matched set. if you wanna buy one lmk I’ll send you specs and pics

I actually just broke the jack off my charger yesterday(2nd one in a row actually) but yeah I could throw one in soon as I get the new jacks in and fix em.
Also got a spare remote. Think it’s a vx1, maybe vx2 gotta check when I get home. Oh and dims on the battery areeeeeee 20x7x1.5 iirc.

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The reason m boards is selling them that cheap is because they have been having a lot of issues. They are clearing out their stock.


They may be a little bit more then flipsky but they are better quality.

Better off spending the extra 100 $ and getting a stormcore.


or get a DV6, another great affordable dual VESC


I’ve got a molicel p26a 12s4p pack with a Bluetooth BMS, and I could build you a battery if you want. I know someone who I can get cells for cheap from and I’ll do the build for cheap too, but I’ve only done 3 battery pack builds before and I’ve never done them for someone so it’s up to you.

MakerX has the deals but I heard they were dealing with some serious covid related slowdowns. Not sure if thats still happening.

/derail but I’ve ordered 3 VESCs from them during covid and the longest one took about 3 weeks. they ship by air to avoid delays.

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What about a tenka? Any good ?

It’s basically just a rebranded unity with no Bluetooth connectivity. I personally wouldn’t buy one. And I have two xeniths lol


IME the tenka is trash. rumours around it being a refurbished unity or a unity that doesn’t meet spec.

I’ve blown up 2 of them from using them properly. I can’t say anything good about it.

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No tenkas are worse, it’s a lower grade unity with some components removed and potted in a resin-type stuff so it can’t handle as much current

Try a makerx, maybe a used Flipsky, stormcore as suggested above but that’s more expensive