WTB [Global] MTB trucks - preferred MBS Matrix Pro II

Hi, I am looking to buy some MTB, spring, channel trucks (or whatever they are called).
I’d prefer MBS Matrix Pro II or even just the hangers if the plastic baseplate is damaged.
I’d probably be interested in trampa if there is no other choice and you give me a good deal. I live in Tahiti so I am pretty sure that anywhere you are you will need to ship international.

@Venom121212 can you hook him up?

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Just to clarify, do you mean the matrix trucks that use springs or urethane shock blocks?

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I was referring to the ones that are compatible to the metal baseplates. If both are than any of the 2 will be fine. I thought that those were the only ones that work.

Anyways, as long as @IDEA makes mount for them I would probably be interested.

Used or new preferred?

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I don’t really mind if they are used as long as they are not bent or broken.

I am curious, what trucks do you have?

Do you have any other MTB parts you want to get rid of?

If you have a random spare (just one, dont want to separate a set), I might be interested if tamatoa passes

I have an in with mbs so I’ll let you know. They have a few sets of matrix 2s that didn’t pass qc due to a badly threaded axle. If you have a 12mm axle thread kit, you could repair it. Still trying to get a price on them and other used ones that don’t have manufacturing flaws.


If mastercraft makes it, I have it :wink:

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That is very interesting, please let me know whenever you have news from them.

Do they have misprinted F5 Binding :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:

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Is this the tool used to cut threads like this?



@Tamatoa Exactly that :slight_smile:


Alright then, I might not fuck it up if I get one.

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I have a full set that I’m selling:

details are in this post: [US][WTS] [US][WTS] SALE: MountainBoard MTB Truck Kit (Trucks, Wheels, Pulleys, Motor Mounts, Bearings)

here are some pics:


Thanks but the reason I am after the MBS (or if there is no other alternative, some trampa) trucks is to be able to upgrade to gear drive later on. Good luck

Is it too early to ask for an update about the trucks🥺?

$63 per truck and its the nylon version. Not a very good deal in my opinion :frowning:


Yeah you are right. Thanks anyways for trying.

Back searching for MBS Matrix 2 trucks even just the hangers.