Looking for a focbox unity. Tired of dealing with flipsky.

The aliexpress stores work great AFAIK

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Where are you?

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decided to sell yours yet?

How many people do you know running the aliexpress ones? How long have they been running them?

Theres threads on here (i think) about focbox being back.

Apparently they are legit units, and thus far I don’t think anybody has reported any issues. Ive personally bought and received one but my board is currently not anywhere complete enough to even power it on.

I’m sorry man but this isn’t a helpful review for someone looking. I’ve read every post in that thread and believe there are only 2 setups that have the aliexpress unities installed. Both have not been running very long, one failed detection results from the get go.

Don’t forget there are other unities sold off another clearance site that may be a different batch than the Aliexpress ones… Trying not to mix reviews between the 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

My aliexpress unity will hopefully be here today or tomorrow and I plan on going over it like a hawk before installing. Safe riding!


got mine from raptorshop.
detection works etc, ride coming soon.

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What do you mean detection works?

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Motor detection. Basically the initial setup

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Shouldn’t that work regardless?

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when buying stolen goods with no warranty who knows what will work.


I had an OG unity from batch 1 or 2 that “failed” detection. One of my Flux linkage measurements was wayyyy off.

Well I just bought a unity so hopefully it works

I hope so too :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. In fact detection running without issue is a decent indicator that the unit will likely work ok. ITs is not a guarantee, though. Other issues may not present themselves until later. Issues like bad can-bus behaviors or weirdness at the top end.

Well I’m hoping everything runs smoothly.

Well anything I need to know before I start to set it up?

start with conservative settings.

Do they normally have issues?