WTB - EU - motor mounts + maybe trucks

Hi guys,
I’m slapping together a spare parts board for one of my bro and I’m only missing a rear truck with motor mounts. (Also that mofo asked me one litteral day after I sold a TB mounts/calibers combo )

Can be any type, any state as long as the price match it and I can fit 6355 Motos on it.
Can also be only the mounts and I’ll find trucks to go with it



I have 2 caliber trucks with extra baseplates and a set of Streetwing motor mounts


I’ll check with him for the price. It sounds faire to me but he’s a cheap bastard and he’s not hot enough for me to get them for him at my expenses

i can even include 2 belts if that helps

I have some parts you might be interested
You can check them here