[WTB][EU] Budget board


I have built three DIY already and I have sold them to friends that do not want to build… This time I am looking to buy a budget board, I am looking at boards like exway flex, ownboard w2 or something like that, I might also buy pices and build something similar to the BKB if people offer parts.

Basically I want a board thay is not too heavy, can be carried around and gives no problem, any offer is welcome, even if you have some parts that could fit and you want to get rid off.


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Also I believe @tinp123 was selling a build

I’ve got this drivetrain still hanging around

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A used meepo V3 or something like that would fit what I look for too :slight_smile:

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What’s your budget

That’s shiny! But I am afraid I am looking to beat the price and specs of ownboard w2 kit :wink:


Exway flex is around 500e so something like that if I find something I like enough

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my friend got a koowheel gen2 with a broken esc, you could get it for real cheap form him

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Koowheel is not my favourite board, I prefer a meepo, wowgo, exway or ownboard, but u have a PM, maybe we can cut a deal!

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Still looking!! :slight_smile:

Free bump :smiley:
And I am looking for a cheap board too (under 300 €)

For that price you can only get single drive chinese prebuilts that will disappoint you in power and will require charging after a few kms. Might have some luck finding something used though.

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I would use it until I finish my DIY one.

Just buy an expensive longboard for pushing, would be a better experience imo :laughing:

Have you seen this?

Yes he has

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Let’s say it softly… we did not get along too well…


Let’s here the juicy info