Big summer blowout

Clearing out some duplicates and unneeded stuff, mostly new unless otherwise stated.

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees, I accept goods and services paypal only. Shipping from the UK. I’ll be adding more stuff as I find it, including a full build.

Full drivetrain £220 £190 - Reduced

Aluminium pulleys, 5045 racerstar motors, e-caliber back and normal caliber front, Senior Pepe 90mm Labeda wheels, belts, bearing, spacers and all the rest. It’s loctited together and just needs seating and shimming on whatever board it goes on.

Triple 8 Brainsaver L/XL £20

Brand new in box.

Hobbyking SK8 ESC £30 £20

Old school cool, brand new and never used.


How to ship the focbox to 80013?

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I’ll take them.
That pulley you recommend with when 40 or 44teeth?

By you or a wizard?

You should buy a 20 tooth pulley Chako, slow and steady. I will reluctantly sell you the wheels.

You got a pm.
Edit: I can’t send you any pm.

How mutch is shipping to Sweden?
And ur PayPal.

Ill take this

Get rekt


Pm - hangers

Is there a SR TKP full set going to be listed?

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How many teeth on the kegel pulleys? I might have a buyer for those rubber wheels, just waiting for him to get back to me.

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Think they are 36T

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Nvm, dude doesn’t want them.


Pm sent

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dibs on the SR TKPS

i’ve been waiting for some of these to show up

There is! It’ll be attached to the full board however :smile:

Wait aren’t you supposed to live on the imperial side of the world? You actually live in England?

I don’t have a valid passport and I’m one egg fart away from being deported, the only thing that’s stopped that is that no one can figure out where to send me at this point.

So yes, I live in England :sweat_smile:


Are the motor mounts reversible? (possible to be mounted on the rear of the truck)

What’s the motor kv and gear ratio?

Are you still selling the rubber wheels? Don’t see a picture, but they’re listed…

The blue text was struck out, not sure why it’s back like that. They are sold now.

You could mount the motors any way you like I suppose? 15/36 ratio 200kv