WTB [EU] 4.12 Cheap shitty vesc

Dou you have a shitty vesc in your drawer? Does it work? If the answer to both questions is yes, then sell it to me please.

I bought a broken scooter for my gf to ride (so i don’t go alone anymore :slight_smile: ) for our anniversary gift, i bought a new controller and we both agree that 25kmh top speed is lame.

I need a vesc, a shitty one as it will be running max 20A and I prefere to buy it in the forum than on banggood.


I don’t always recommend Flipsky ESCs, but have you looked at the FSESC Mini 4.20?

It’s pretty cheap and on a scooter streetface isn’t as big a concern.

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Sorry bro, all esc I got suffered permanent death from stupid mistakes. I support giving a look at a chinese 4.20


Max 20A, maybe this one. I sell it for 34us +shipping, but I am in china.

this one not powerful as VESC, can’t configure anything. bu do work stably.


Love you dicky!!

Hope you are alright.


Still alive! :grinning:


Yes, but I was wondering if I could get even cheaper second hand, and that also has the advantage of being previously used and avoid the flipsky lottery.

As the scooter has mechanical brakes a cutout or a burn vesc isn’t nearly as dangerous as in a esk8.


I will check dickyho’s offer!

Nice addition, thanks!! Do you know if u can connect a ppm signal to it? Or is the included remote the only way to control it?

I’ll drop the price of my maybe fine maybe just okay focbox to 30€

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Okey, check shipping for Spain 41960, Gines, seville


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Okey, talk to you in like 2h I’m about to do a car trip

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I could only offer a Premium LingYi and or Hobbywing ^^

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I’ve got a fsesc 6.6 single that might work. Or a dual with one side blown…

EU Ted :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey man you don’t know where I am headed.


as I know, the included remote the only way to control it.

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Oh, that’s a bummer then :frowning: thanks for offering tho