wtb deck + enclosure combo eu/uk

looking for something to fit 4wd plus large battery (12s6p 21700)

have a hummie deck but its to small

looking for an evo/tb40/century or any other street deck which has little or no flex and a large wheelbase (40inch plus)

thanks a lot and post anything below

willing to spend quite a bit


Bioboards or David Bonde or Redember


bioboards is 600$
it would be perfect but im not that rich (maybe if it turns out to be the only one) but at that price i could import a century plus enclosure from eboosted

didnt know @davidbonde made decks will pm him

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Gotta pay to play.


dmed him on insta but he didnt reply
also his lead times are somewhere litterally around a year

Edit: my bad he replied and I just didn’t notice and his wait times are way less all my fault

as i said if it comes to it maybe will do that
but that deck is overkill

Cheaper to buy a router and Cf and learn diy bro. Faster too and get dem skillzzz


ive done to much diy

also even after routing and skinning the deck is still small and everything is a squeeze to fit in
if i can get hooked up with something nice for a reasonable amount would prefer to just do that

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was thinking maybe @sender has some nice stock
sent him a pm

@glyphiks you wanna sell your demonseed

or are the 42inch versions worth it?

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Did you recently rob a bank? where did all this cash come from :laughing:


tenor (23)


Nope worked hard the whole summer and winter hols
Sold a ton of stuff

Close to the end of that budget though so starting to cheap out as much as possible



Why does no-one sell 44inch demon seeds
Are the 42inch worth it?

The 42s are great. If you can find/make an enclosure to suit.


Deck size also depends on height etc. and stance width. If you’re 6’4” it’s different to 5’4”

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5.9 or so

Does anyone make demonseed enclosures? @glyphiks

One day i will have a single stack 42 enclosure. Made a couple of different bucks for it.

But i’ll never make a double stack. Alan at eboosted was asking around about the demonseed a little while ago, so you might be in luck.


Yeah just pmed him

K would need double stack so that’s fine

Love the hummie but can’t be bothered doing all this work were lots of people are saying things which make me not trust it after being routed

Remember or demonseed are my number one options but @jamie didn’t reply to my dm yet so still waiting on that

Otherwise would do an evo but can’t find the 40inch one in the U.K. anywhere

Perhaps @mackann may have an evo down the back of the sofa?



You don’t by any chance make a demonseed enclosure?
And I’m guessing it’s not worth your time making a buck unless you get quite a few orders?