WTB budget remote

After my remote began to lose signal more and more often I started looking for a new one. and digged through few topics (eg. How to bind the Mini Remote [Serious] , Esk8 Remotes: Garbage or Greatness!) and found out that mini could be the right one that im looking for.

Or maybe there is something that you recomend to ~$35?

// im using focbox


in that price point

its either mini remote (solid option)

or the flipsky vx1 which is a really nice remote for just a teeny bit more

No, this is hands-down the best budget remote. As long as you’re careful with the power switches, they’re rock solid.

The internals make for a great upgrade path, too.
These are two modded ones I have.


flipsky vx1 is the reason why I searching for new one :smiley:

wow, looks like iron casted.


GT2B is a very solid remote ! You can mod the casing if you want something smaller/more compact

You can find them on ebay, Amazon, etc… To mod, there is tutorials on forums


@Broly Enertion Nano remote 31$ Might still have some

He’s asking for a good remote. The nano is a disaster